The Collectiva Diva’s Top 5 BurCon 2014 Moments

photo cr: Twitter/@mishacollins
photo cr: Twitter/@mishacollins

The 2014 Burbank Supernatural Convention has come and gone, but the memories will live forever on Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube. If you attended BurCon this weekend, you might have seen us on Saturday, Team Free Will–with one foxy mama in a trench coat, a prancing moose, a blonde bombshell version of femme!Bobby and me, a femme!Dean not afraid to let the world know that “I Wuv Cas”. We wandered the Burbank Marriott convention center and lobby from 9am-midnight, enjoying the sights, meeting new friends and generally fangirling over all the amazing stars in attendance that day. Wanna know my top 5 moments? Here they are, in no particular order.

1) Meeting the Collective fans

This year, the Collective Bloggers decided we wanted to meet you. We put out the call on Twitter, posted a reminder last week and brought a pie and plastic forks and 3 rounds (yes, I said 3) of Supernatural trivia to keep us entertained and then got to hang out! It was so great to meet some of our readers and share our mutual love of Supernatural, cold beer and apple pie IRL, I think we should probably plan to do it again. Kudos to the Collectress, who kicked ass as Cas and won the trivia game, beating out @castielsarmy by a mere 2 points.

2) The Photo Ops

My darling Collectress is somewhat obsessed with Tahmoh Penikett, and so I thought it only fitting to purchase her an op with the man she has swooned over since Battlestar Galactica. Initially, she had another pose in mind, but when the cosplay didn’t come together in time, we were forced to brainstorm pose ideas in the car on the way to the con. She finally settled on a pretty impressive pose, and I had the pleasure of accompanying her in line as we physically practiced heaving her bosoms. It was the cutest thing ever to watch her blush and practically faint as she walked out of that op beaming ear to ear. I’m proud to say she was on a Tahmoh high for the rest of the weekend (and still is).

Not only did the Collectress get to meet Tahmoh and place her hands in unangelic places on his body, but I’m pretty sure I had Misha’s hipbone in my hand during our op. Yes, once again, the Collectress surprised my Spaniard brother from another mother and I with a M2 photo op (Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard). Luckily, the Spaniard and I developed a pose plan about a week in advance, we just needed a few props that may or may not have included pie and a frilly apron with hearts on it. Mark, on the other hand, was predictably difficult and refused to wear the moose antlers, although the Spaniard did get a wink for her troubles and I’m pretty sure our photo is the best to ever op.

3) Misha Collins

Since we only purchased a single day pass, we wanted to make it count. Last year, we attended the J2 panel, which *swoon*, but we wanted a more abnosome experience and so we decided to attend on Saturday, the day of Misha, Mark and Tahmoh. While I enjoyed Mark’s paneland Tahmoh gives good voice, I came for the Mish with a plan to thank him for tweeting our Day 4 blog post during GISHWHES and for generally being an inspiring human being. And also to share a pie with him.

4) The Casplay

The Supernatural costume contest is a pretty big to-do–with everyone from Mary Winchester to Abaddon making an appearance. The Casplay contest, though, is a force to be reckoned with. With over 50 Castiel’s on stage–including a Crazy!Cas, Sorry!Cas, Femme!Cas, Covered in Bees!Cas, Steve from Gas n’ Sip and an actual baby in a trenchcoat (adorable!) judge Osric Chau had a difficult time picking the best outfit. Luckily, everyone, including the Collectress (stage right in the pic above) got a glossy of Castiel, so it’s like they all won.

5) Team Free Will


You may have noticed that my co-blogger, the Collectress has mentioned the fact that she moved across the Pond. Since she took the Spaniard with her to sail the shipping seas back in September, Team Free Will hasn’t been the same. But lucky me, my angel and bro made it a point to come back to California so that we could attend BurCon together because family don’t end with blood. They flew in on Thursday, we went to the con on Saturday and they went back to London on Sunday. It was a whirlwind trip and I love them for making the time and the effort, enduring the stress and the jet lag, so that we might experience BurCon as a team. Love you ladies! We’ll always have BurCon…

xoxo The Collectiva Diva