Sleepy Hollow Recap: “And The Abyss Gazes Back”


So to sum up this season so far: Ichabod and Katrina’s son, Henry, the Horseman of War, is doing his best to not only destroy his parents relationship, but also drive a wedge between the two Witnesses. Katrina is canoodling with Abraham, the Horseman of Death, in his cozy cabin. Jenny has a boyfriend named Nick Hawley who may or may not be working for Henry. Also Ichabod learned how to drive.

Now let’s talk about wendigos.

*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*


This week on “Ichabod Discovers the Twenty-First Century”: yoga.

Yes, it’s true, our favorite time-displaced man attempted yoga with Abbie. It lasted until Abbie said the word “buns” and then it was off to the pub. It’s pretty much par for the course for my own exercise regimen. But I digress.

While at the pub, Abbie encounters the late Sheriff Corbin’s son, Joe, who has recently been discharged from the military after his entire platoon was wiped out in the Middle East. There’s some apparent tension between Abigail and the younger Corbin, and can we say Daddy issues? Later that evening, Abbie and Ichabod find Joe alone in the forest, and his friends have been hollowed out, their internal organs consumed (resounding ewwwwwww).


After some research, Ichabod discovers that Joe has been cursed as a wendigo, a skinwalker who consumes the organs of humans to keep its human appearance. Ichabod also discovers that it was Henry, his son, who cursed Joe. Crane recalls that Daniel Boone had a brother with the same affliction, and that the Shawnee have a cure for it. Much to his dismay, he once again teams up with Nick Hawley to locate the cure.

Abbie tells Joe about his condition, and they have a rather intense moment as they discuss Joe’s father, the former sheriff. Abbie tells Joe that no matter what her relationship was to the man, he always loved his son more than anything in the world. Joe (finally) recognises that he didn’t have to be jealous of Abbie’s relationship with his father, and they all cook s’mores together and sing kumbaya.

Not even close.


What really happens is that Henry cursed Joe because Joe had something he wanted–the strongest poison to ever exist. The warlock takes advantage of Ichabod’s absences and Henry offers to cure Joe in exchange for the poison. Joe foolishly trusts that Henry will keep his word, but after he’s given Parrish the poison, Henry forces Joe to change into the wendigo once again.

When Ichabod and Abbie face down the wendigo, they do not know if the cure he has procured will work on Joe, since he is now in his fourth transformation. Abbie insists that they try, that she knows that Joe is still “in there” somewhere. Fortunately, the incantation works and Joe is human once again. Unfortunately, however, this means that the Horseman of War now has the most dangerous  poison in the world at this disposal, and it’s hardly likely that he’s going to use it to kill rats.


Meanwhile Henry visits Irving, and now that Irving knows that his soul belong to Henry once he’s died…well, he’s none too happy about it. He insists that he could never be a monster like Henry, to which Henry replies, “Those who fight monsters should see to it that in the process they do not become one. When one gazes long enough into the abyss, the abyss gazes back.” Henry manipulates Irving into attacking the man who put his daughter in a wheelchair, and though Irving pulls back before causing the man serious harm, he sees Henry’s words for what they really are: foreshadowing.

Looking Forward


In last week’s episode, we learned that Katrina is a Hellfire Shard, and that Moloch wants her turned to their side. At the end of this episode, Henry turns the poison into a spider, which then crawls into Katrina’s mouth while she is asleep. After that conversation with Moloch, I think it’s rather unlikely that Henry wants to kill his mother. Rather, I think his purpose is probably to put Katrina in a situation where she’ll have no choice but to trust him to cure her, and when he does so, he can manipulate her into joining their side. She so firmly believes that he can be saved, and it’s possible that he will use her sense of maternal obligation to sway her loyalties.


As for Nick Hawley, I don’t trust him. I’ve said before that he showed up in Sleepy Hollow at a too-convenient time, and even now Jenny is questioning why he’s still in town. Based on her reaction to his continued presence in the town, I’d say she knows him as a “love ’em and leave ’em” kind of guy. We saw him sell the Pied Piper’s pipe to Henry–which is how Joe became cursed as a wendigo–and we know that he likes to wheel and deal precious artifacts. Indiana Jones would have hated him.

Why is Hawley still around? What purpose does he serve, aside from occasionally helping the Witnesses find useful artifacts? Well, my thought is this: Hawley is working for Henry, but maybe not because he wants to. I wonder if he’s in the same position as Irving–if Henry now holds the deed to his soul? There’s something off about the mercenary man, and my instincts are never rarely wrong.

Coming Next Week: The demise of Katrina?

Until next week, Sleepyheads.

-The Collectress

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