Cosplay and Culture at MCM London Comic Con


We’re still touchy about San Diego Comic Con. We just wanna be where the people are.

I am happy to say that our frustration on that front has not stopped us from attending other conventions, the most recent being MCM London Comic Con. While the one and only Collectiva Diva was sorely missed, the Collectress and I had a lovely time surrounded by some of the best cosplayers we’ve ever encountered. Though the con left some things to be desired (or maybe we’re just spoiled), the highlight of the day was definitely the elaborate and inventive costuming. Browse the gallery below to see some of our favorites.

Due to the sheer number of people, there wasn’t always space to take a proper photograph, which means that some of the choicest cosplays weren’t documented by my trusty Canon. Some were so outstanding, however, that I must give them an honourable mention.

—Tyreese from The Walking Dead, complete with baby Judith strapped to his chest
—genderbent Sailor Jupitor; hands down, the best Sailor Scout outfit I saw all day
—genderbent Queen Elsa was as fabulous as all the ladies (and there were plenty of them)
—Katniss, circa Catching Fire; yes, her wedding dress was turning into the Mockingjay dress
—Maleficent, but not as we typically know her; this cosplayer went for the Angelina Jolie look 
—Captain Mal. With a pretty bonnet.

There were also moments when I saw cosplayers who looked exhausted, or who had just sat down to eat. Not wanting to bother them, I passed up the chance to take their picture. One who stood out to me was a genderbent Sherlock—her cheekbones rivaled Benedict’s, and I really wanted to ask her where she got her coat.

Unlike SDCC or WonderCon, MCMCC London is held twice a year. The next one will be sometime near the end of May 2015.

What To Do Besides Cosplay:

There didn’t seem to be many panels running (at least during the October session), but there are plenty of other activities, such as:

1.) Photo ops. Make sure you know where to go, and get there early. Bring cash (withdraw it before arriving, as the queues for ATMs are long).

2.) Autographs. The first autograph is free, and most of the people are more than willing to take a picture with you. One such lovely gentleman was Neil Jackson. (You may know him from Sleepy Hollow or Upstairs Downstairs.) Meeting him made my day, since I hadn’t planned on getting any autographs, let alone taking a picture with a celebrity.

photo 1photo 2 copy

3.) Gaming. There was much more emphasis on video games at LCC. There are booths where you can try out new games, or preview things that have yet to be released.

Know Before You Go:

1.) Either purchase priority entry, or arrive very early. We stood in the queue for two hours at registration.

2.) Bring snacks or your own lunch. While there are plenty of places to purchase food, the queues are terribly long, and the fare isn’t very good.

3.) Pick up a schedule at the information center, or print out your own before leaving home. They won’t hand them out to you when you get your wristband.

4.) If you are cosplaying, hydrate well the day before arriving! Bathroom lines are long, and depending on your costume, visiting one may be irritating.

5.) If you suffer from claustrophobia, this may not be the con for you. There were easily three times the amount of people at LCC as there were at WonderCon, and it was pushing my boundaries.

Overall, LCC was a fun experience, and has whet my appetite yet again for the seemingly unattainable SDCC. Maybe next year…

Cheers, mateys!

The Collected Mutineer

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