Sleepy Hollow Recap: “The Weeping Woman”


Ever seen The Woman in Black? Well, the town of Sleepy Hollow has their own creepy lady in a black veil, and this one has an extreme case of the green-eyed monster. That’s right, a lady from Ichabod’s past has come back to wreak havoc on any woman in his present…

*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*


It seems that the ladies of Sleepy Hollow have a “case of Crane on the brain.” Caroline, whom we know as Ichabod’s reenactment buddy, makes a pass at our man-of-time. When he informs her that he is a married man, so begins a quite chuckle-worthy sequence in which Abbie is mistaken for Ichabod’s wife. But more on that later.


Meanwhile Katrina is finally performing some witchcraft. We learn that Henry, the Horseman of War, has placed wards around Abraham’s house to prevent Katrina from doing magic. She’s able to weaken the wards just enough to send a message to Ichabod via messenger pigeon, just like a Disney princess. Abraham enters the room right after Katrina’s sent the note, and he vows to make her his Queen. Queen of what, we don’t know, but it insinuates that Moloch has promised him a prize when he takes over the earth. In completely unrelated news, if Katrina is unwilling to be Abraham’s queen, I volunteer. 

Henry promises Abraham that he can end his parents’ bond to each other, and the next scene is of two teenagers parked in a lover’s lane, and they witness an urban legend springing out of the river: the weeping woman. The woman, covered head-to-toe in creepy black clothing, appears in Caroline’s house, just minutes after Ichabod has paid her a visit to apologize for accidentally leading her on.

Caroline’s body is found the next morning in the river, but with no clues as to how it got there or who her assailant might be. Visibly distressed, Ichabod insists on accompanying Abbie during her investigation (not like he’d be left behind anyway). Their investigation leads them to the library, where the weeping woman attacks Abbie, pulling her through a portal that leads to the river. Ichabod is at the moment distracted by the messenger pigeon (or crow, whatever) that’s brought him a note from his wife.


Ichabod pulls Abigail back out of the portal, but by then Abbie is nearly drowned. Luckily, Nick Hawley just so happened to be in the library, probably checking out a copy of Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince. He performs CPR on Abbie, and she recovers shortly. She tore of a piece of the weeping woman’s shawl, and Ichabod recognizes it as belonging to a woman he was once engaged to: Mary.


The flashback we get of Mary is a sad one. She journeyed to the colonies to bring home her future husband, only to find that he’s committed treason against the Crown and only views her as a sister. Ouch. In spite of her insistence on their marriage, Ichabod receives a letter from her that relieves him of all obligations to her, after which he goes off and steals his best friend’s fiancée.

The weeping woman is Mary. Abbie and Ichabod assume that the weeping woman will be targeting Katrina next, since she apparently hadn’t given up Ichabod as much as he had believed. The lieutenant and Ichabod arrive at Abraham’s too late to protect her from the weeping woman, and so they head to the river. Katrina saves herself and puts the weeping woman to rest with her magic, but not before Mary points to Katrina as the cause of her death.

Looking Forward



Henry’s plan in this episode was to end the bond between his parents, and though Katrina did not die, I believe his plan was successful. Katrina deceived Ichabod by forging the letter from Mary and by disguising her accidental death, and that has rattled his faith in her. She willingly returns with Abraham again, and though she does it to save Ichabod’s life, perhaps we should consider that Abraham’s affections are beginning to be returned. Katrina recognises that the weeping woman served Henry’s purpose, but when Abraham assures her that he had no part in that plot, she sincerely thanks him.

We also learn from a conversation between Henry and Moloch that Katrina is a Hellfire Shard. We don’t know what that is yet, but Moloch wants Katrina turned to his side, and it seems that he’s manipulating Abraham into accomplishing that feat.

In fact, there’s manipulation going on in every direction of Sleepy Hollow. Henry is manipulating Abraham into subverting Katrina to their side. Katrina is manipulating Abraham into keeping herself (and Ichabod) alive. Katrina manipulated Ichabod into believing that Mary had returned to England. Nick Hawley is selling artifacts to Henry, but is manipulating Abbie, and to a smaller extent, Ichabod, into believing he’s more on their side than neutral. Henry manipulated Captain Irving into selling his soul. And Miss Jenny, well, Jenny is chaotic good and who knows what she’ll do next?


Let’s all jump aboard SS Ichabbie, shall we? This season, we’ve heard Ichabod say on several different occasions that the Witnesses must depend on each other before everyone else, and if this episode is any indication, it looks like Ichabod may need to trust Abbie more than his own wife. We’re also seeing a possible indication that Hawley is a possible love interest for Abbie (and how many love triangles can one show have?) and if that’s the case, I’m inclined to believe that he’s been hired to get close to the two Witnesses.

It’s not coincidence that brought him to Sleepy Hollow just after the Horseman of War rode in.

Coming Next Week: Skinwalkers. Oh my.

In other news, I met Neil Jackson (Abraham) at MCM Comic Con London this past weekend, and he’s even better looking with his head attached and sans powdered wig. He is as charming and kind as he is good-looking, and I swooned when he complimented my cosplay…and I may have died a little when he took a picture with the Spaniard and I. If you don’t already, follow him on Twitter.

Until next week, Sleepyheads.

-The Collectress

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