Fanfic Wednesday: we can watch the white doves go


Title: we can watch the white doves go         Author: xylodemon

Pairings: Dean Winchester/Castiel                Word Count: 2690

Warnings for sexy times (NSFW)

I had originally planned to rec something entirely different, but on my morning scroll through Tumblr I came across this fic and I fell in love. Hard. Spoilers for Supernatural 10×03.

The Premise

This fic picks up right after the conversation between Dean and Castiel at the end of “Soul Survivor.” Xylodemon asks that favourite fanfic question “what if?” and gives us what could have happened after the conversation. Cas is prepared to return to Heaven after he knows Dean will be okay, but is Dean willing to let the angel go?

My Thoughts

So far, I’m having good feelings about season 10, but I do miss the interaction between the Winchesters and Cas. What we did get was sparing, and I just wanted more, which xylodemon gives to us. This writer is incredible because 1) she wrote this mere hours after the episode aired 2) it’s smoothly and eloquently written (would that I wrote so well and so fast!) and 3) it adds to the characters.

Also, the sex is hot.

This is why I read and write fanfiction: to really be able to sink my teeth into a character and get a taste of who and what they are. The writers of the show can only give us so much, and xylodemon? Well, she can give us everything else.

Read this if you ship Destiel, like coda fics, or you just need a well-written SPN fic.

Happy reading, shippers.

-The Collectress

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