Sleepy Hollow Recap: “Go Where I Send Thee”


So last time on Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod and Abbie teamed up with Nick Hawley to stop the effects of one of Judas Iscariot’s thirty pieces of silver. Also, Henry Parrish is a conniving creep who may or may not have tricked Irving into selling him his soul.

*SPOILERS AHEAD, darlings*


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After discovering that Ichabod has learned to drive from Miss Jenny (and she taught him well), our favorite anachronistic duo is called to the investigation of a missing child. As with everything else that goes on in Sleepy Hollow, darker plans are afoot, and it is no ordinary kidnapping. Ichabod and Abbie discover a bone lute in the forest, and when Ichabod plays a little tune (because of course he plays the lute), Abbie is drawn further into the bog. Turns out the tune is actually a summoning spell.

Who plays a lute and lures children out of their beds? Yep, the pied piper, who, according to Ichabod, was used during the Revolutionary War to lure out Red Coats and assassinate them. When one of the forefathers of Sleepy Hollow reneges on his promise to the Piper, a curse is laid on the Lancaster family, one that haunts them to the present day. Their firstborn daughters are the Piper’s price for letting the rest of the children live.


Abbie and Ichabod team up with Hawley once more, but this time he only promises his help in exchange for the lute when they’ve rescued the Lancaster girl. Abbie takes the deal, even though Ichabod is obviously reticent about the offer. The girl is rescued, and the demon is slain–thanks to some spectacular swordsmanship by Ichabod–and Abigail snaps the lute in two before she gives it to Hawley.

Abbie don’t take none of your shit, Nick.

The episode winds up with Abbie and Ichabod at a cafe celebrating their victory, in which Ichabod tries a cappuccino for the first time and falls a little bit in love with the caffeine rush. When Abbie reaches out to wipe the foam from his beard, well, maybe she falls a little bit in love too. Or is that just a shipper’s hope?

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Yeah, except this quote ain’t subtext:

We shall be victorious or defeated, together. -Ichabod

Meanwhile Irving figures out that Parrish has manipulated him into signing a contract in blood. He sees a vision of himself as a demon (and a lovely Tumblr user compared his get-up to Chuck Norris) and then the ominous spontaneous combustion of a Bible. The last thing we see of Team Moloch is the ever-creepy Henry Parrish grinding up the bone lute. Let’s hope he doesn’t put it in the water.

Looking Forward

 Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die. -Ezekiel 18:4

Not only is Parrish collecting souls for Moloch, he is actively collecting Abbie and Ichabod’s closest friends to fight against them. Parrish’s reference to this biblical verse makes me wonder…did Irving unintentionally sign away more souls than just his own? If “the soul of the father” has been taken, what about the soul of the daughter?


The second season of Sleepy Hollow is bursting with the promise of family ties being perverted to Moloch’s use. Although we did not see Katrina in this episode, we had a mother faced with a terrible curse, who had to choose between one child and all of her children. I think that Katrina may be facing a similar decision soon: to choose between her son and her husband.

So far this season, a mother’s love wins.

In more lighthearted developments, is there a burgeoning romance between Abbie Mills and Nick Hawley? I’m not adverse to the idea…but something tells me that Ichabod might be.

Coming Next Week is the woman in black, and, yeah, I’m watching that one in the daytime.

Until next week, Sleepyheads.

-The Collectress

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