Supernatural Recap: “Reichenbach”


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Episode 10×02 or “Dean’s Not Here Right Now”

To sum up last week’s premiere: Dean and Crowley are BFFs. Sam’s been taken hostage by an assassin who’s looking for Dean. Cas is dying. How’s that for season 10 feels?  *Spoilers ahead, darlings*


Demon!Dean is still “howling at the moon.” The episode lights up on a flashback to 2003, when Dean killed the Cole the would-be assassin’s father (special thanks to @AshleyBacon4 and @rob0349 for helping me out with that one!).

Dean’s wasting time at a strip club, harassing the strippers and beating up the bouncers. Crowley views him as wasted potential, because what’s the use of having the Mark of Cain if you’re not going to use it? He finds Dean at yet another dive bar and gives him the whole shpeel about “being a good demon means making deals to gain souls.” Crowley should have a side career as a motivational speaker.

Sam makes little work of escaping the clutches of the man who’s hellbent on revenge on his brother. He’s on the trail of his brother, presumably with the help of one King of Hell. But more on that later.

Screenshot 2014-10-15 10.05.20Castiel is still dying. He can no longer use his Grace to heal himself, and he crashes his pimpmobile because he falls asleep while driving. The tow truck driver takes Hannah and Cas to her house, where the dying angel promptly falls asleep on the sofa. In his suit. [insert moment of the Collectress momentarily dying because Misha in a suit is a tidal wave of ovary destroying energy]. When he wakes up, there’s an adorable moment of cartoon watching with the mechanic’s daughter, and maybe, just maybe, Castiel chooses not to save himself because he’d rather die a human. Seeing this, Hannah makes the decision to pay a visit to that megalomaniac, Metatron, and he offers to trade her Castiel’s Grace for his freedom. Cas intervenes with his Voice of Authority [insert squeeing over Castiel’s deep voice] and assures Metatron that he’s accepted his fate, to which Metatron vows to end the world. Again.

Cue foreshadowing.

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Sam catches his brother at another dive bar, and really, the highest casualty count for Demon!Dean is the sheer number of watering holes he’s demolished. Cole crashes the party, however, and challenges Demon!Dean to a smackdown. After some well-timed Inigo Montoya references, Dean promptly hands the man his ass. Sam uses Dean’s distraction to handcuff him. In the final scenes of Reichenbach, we see Sam hand off the First Blade to Crowley, who promises to throw it in a volcano. The sounds of my disbelief echo through eternity.

The Winchesters get back in the Impala, together, but to Demon!Dean it’s “just a car.”


What This Episode Reveals About Team Free Will

Dean Winchester



Dean is a demon. The season premiere cast some confusion on that subject, but “Reichenbach” made it pretty plain that somewhere that creepy kid from The Shining is whispering, “Dean’s not here right now.” We have a Dean without empathy, without mercy, without concern for anyone but himself. Demon!Dean is a narcissist.

This presents a kink to the plans of the King of Hell, who wanted to use Dean to secure his kingdom. This Dean is not a soldier, however. He’s not bound to any sense of duty, and I think that’s the most important distinction in his character from Human!Dean. The Dean we know has an unhealthy sense of duty and family, and this Dean is none of that. More has changed than just the eye color, Sammy.

Sam Winchester

This is the face of an Angry Moose
This is the face of an Angry Moose

Throughout the episode, all I wanted to do was hug Sammy. We’ve seen what happens when one Winchester loses the other to Death, but what happens when the one you love is there but isn’t? We’ve seen how far Dean will go to get Sammy back, but how far will Sammy go for Dean? This is one juxtaposition from seasons 4 & 5 that I am very interested in, because a few years back, it was Dean who had to help Sam through his demon blood addiction. When Dean becomes himself again, how will Sam help him through it?


Cas is losing his Grace, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s what he wants, because it would mean that he gets to die as a human. My absolute favorite scene in “Reichenbach” was the one where he compliments Hannah by comparing her to a human.

My spidey senses tell me that soon, Cas will be face-to-face with Demon!Dean, and how will that affect his love for humanity? *cough*Cas is Collette*cough*

The Big Picture

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Crowley’s “break up” with Dean isn’t as final as we’re meant to think. Crowley has the First Blade, and that’s akin to your ex keeping your favorite t-shirt or movie or coffee mug. It’s yours, damn it, and you’ll do what you must to get it back. The First Blade is leverage, and the King of Hell is smart. He’s going to have the elder Winchester knocking on his door, the same way Sam used to knock on Ruby’s. Without the sexing part. Probably.

As for Cole, well, earlier in the episode, we saw him reject Sam’s explanation of “The world really does have vampires and werewolves” but now that he’s confronted with it first hand, he’s not showing up to the next rumble without holy water. Dean is his yellow-eyed demon, and he just entered the world of hunting the supernatural. This, this, would have been a smooth entrance into a spin-off, not that heavy-handed catastrophe that was “Bloodlines.” Too bad Cole won’t live that long.

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Metatron is still alive but that cage ain’t going to hold him forever. I, for one, hope that Hannah unlocks the door, and that kick starts another Apocalypse. Picture this: after several episodes, or hell even a whole season, of the Winchesters finally getting their shit together and dealing with their history of codependency and substance abuse, Metatron is freed and decides, hey, that Lucifer had the right idea but the wrong approach. Metatron, as we saw in “Meta Fiction” likes a good story, especially if he’s the hero. I would like to see him rewrite the biblical book of “Revelation” because hey, he’s the Scribe of God, and he does what he wants. Also because I want Team Free Will to kick his ass in truly epic fashion.

Until next week, hunters.

-The Collectress