Fanfic Wednesday: Take Me Out (to the ball game)


Title: Take Me Out (to the ball game)             Author: TamrynEradani

Pairings: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski              Word Count: 33,690

Happy Wednesday, Shippers!

I’ve been waiting ALL summer to rec this one. I read it while it was still in-progress, and every update e-mail was a small gift from the fanfic gods, and a beloved respite from the DCBB writing mayhem that was my summer.

You may recognise the author. She’s responsible for one of the Destiel ship’s most popular (and smutty) fanfics: “Carry On.” Which, if you haven’t read, you definitely should.

The Premise

The Author’s Summary: Stiles was content to live his life without ever knowing who his soulmate was but when a leaked celebrity video leads to him knowing who his soulmate is, he has to meet the guy. He doesn’t expect to like Derek Hale, certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love with him, but Stiles thinks he and Derek might have a shot if Lydia doesn’t kill him first.

My Thoughts

Geekfession time: I love soulmate AUs. Ok, maybe love isn’t a strong enough word…but anyway, when I saw that TamrynEradani was writing a Sterek AU, I may have fangirled. Just a little bit.

Now, just like with any other popular AU verse or trope, there are good ways to write it and bad ways to write it. The quickest turn-off to the soulmate AU for me is to have your ship fall in love instantaneously and ride off into the sunset. Love is hard work, and so is falling in love. What I appreciate about this story is that the author has Stiles and Derek take their time falling in love. It’s not instant, and for most of the fic, Derek doesn’t know that Stiles is his soulmate. It’s a slow, fluffy build up that involves Little League games, fake dating, and messy hot dogs.

I died a little from the cute.

Read if you like Sterek, soulmate AUs, or just really fluffy and happy love stories.

Happy reading, shippers.

-The Collectress

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