Meme Monday: The Comedic Crack of Crowley and Cas

A happy Monday, indeed, Collectors.

I just found out that the Collectress purchased a BurCon M2 (Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard) photo op for my birthday gift (to be shared with my BRO, the Spaniard, you sneaks) and I am beyond excited!!

Of course, I promptly began scouring the interwebs for a funny Cas & Crowley meme to pay proper homage to the fact that I have the best friends on either side of the Pond. I came across this silly crack meme on rebloggy by obsessed-with-castiel and, except for the spelling errors (ugh) I believe this to be the exact conversation we will be privy to in November.

Speaking of BurCon–The Collective Bloggers want to meet you! If you will be at the Creation Entertainment Supernatural Convention in Burbank, California on Saturday, November 15, let’s grab a drink. More info to come over on our Twitter @nerdwrldprblms as the schedule goes live.

TFW 5Eva

xoxo The Collectiva Diva



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