The Collectress Picks 5: Things to Have in Case of Zombie Apocalypse

I love me a good zombie movie. Hell, I even love the bad ones. The zombie genre has transformed with the advent of AMC’s The Walking Deadwhose fifth season begins on Sunday, October 12.


I’ve been power rewatching the first four seasons this past week in preparation for the season premiere, and I’ve put together a little list of things that I plan on having should the dead ever begin to walk and Simon Pegg’s record collection is unavailable.

Shark Suit

Suit made by Neptunic
Suit made by Neptunic

I feel like this one should be a fairly obvious choice. If [some species of] sharks can’t bite through titanium, then how could a zombie? Besides, I don’t think being a member of the undead does much for the upkeep of their dental care. Better a zombie with a chipped tooth then becoming one of the horde, eh? 

A Wrist Bow

Think the Black Widow meets Daryl Dixon, and they have a love child who sports a pair of these.

Zombies, better watch your heads.

Everything on this List

The Survival Cache website has created a list of 100 items that will probably disappear first, should the day ever arise when we need to leave the farm and head for the hills. The list recommends everything from vegetable to canned tuna fish to cigarettes, and yeah, maybe I did buy an extra roll of toilet paper after looking at the article. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Supernatural, it’s this:


Tree Tent


Something tells me that the life-after-death isn’t conducive to climbing trees. Bonus: This tent comes with two beds and a wood-burning stove to keep out the chill.

Daryl Dixon

daryl-dixon-meme-generator-99-problems-but-a-walker-ain-t-one-47dbb3Okay, okay, this one might be a bit unrealistic. Even if we can’t have Daryl Dixon, we all should know at least one person who knows how to hunt and skin squirrels, right? Keep this person on speed dial (metaphorically…phones probably won’t work after the apocalypse) and make sure they know to expect you at their doorstep when the undead start doing the Thriller dance.

-The Collectress

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