The Collectiva Diva’s Top Ten Season 9 Supernatural Moments


It’s Tuesday.


Supernatural Season 10 premieres tonight on the CW at 9pm and I cannot help but reminisce at the wonders of Season 9. Yes, it was a rough season, but there were a few key moments I don’t ever want to forget. Here are my top ten Season 9 moments, complete with screengrabs, to get you ready for what looks to be a year full of the feels.

10) Cain Shucking Corn S9xE11

He is just so darn casual about Dean Winchester kicking around his kitchen with demons, I love it.

First Born

9) Abaddon inhabits Josie S9xE17

Creepy! If she gave me that look, I’d be quiet about it for 40 some-odd years, too.

8) Cas dies S9xE03

Cas has sex and then is killed by April the reaper. Oh, but then Dean isn’t having it and has Gadreel/Zeke fix him right up. Don’t ever do that again, Cas!



7) Meta teasing from the cast and crew S9xE21

While they don’t always do it with tact, we at least know they’re thinking about us. I love that they boys are looking straight at the camera–at us! Oh, you’re a FAN…??


6) Jody Mills is an official hunter S9xE19

This is one of my favorite episodes of Season 9, and I love the episodes where the ladies save the day. Don’t mess with mama Jody!

Alex Annie Alexis Ann

5) Sam does Yoga S9xE13

‘Nuff said.

The Purge

4) The boys have a beer and…are Dean and Cas flirting? S9xE09

Dean and Cas finally have some one-on-one time, Sam is amused and Cas gets buzzed from one beer. What’s not to love?


3) Charlie finds Dean’s porn S9xE04

I love the relationship Dean and Charlie have because she isn’t afraid to tease him, just like a little sister should. Especially when you find your big bro’s porn stash.


2) Dean’s shit eating grin S9xE06

Much like the chance encounter between your very hot ex, when Dean visits Cas at his job for the first time since he kicked the ex-angel out of the bunker, things start out a bit tense and end in long gazes/eye fucking.


1) Dean dies in Sam’s arms S9xE23

Ugh. The feels gonna get me. Yes, I cried, and I will always cry–every time a Winchester dies, I will cry. I’m probably crying right now! I’m not ashamed.


Don’t forget to live tweet with @Nerdwrldprblms tonight at 9pm for the West Coast premiere of S10, “Black”. See you then!

xoxo The Collectiva Diva





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