The Best of the#LonelyJensen Hashtag

When Jensen Ackles joined Twitter, the SPN Family imploded from excitement. To be honest, I don’t even subscribe to his tweets because every time he posts, I die a little inside. He’s just so…JENSEN. I do tend to troll his page every so often, just to see if he’s posted anything new. Seems Jen likes to tweet pics, which I DO NOT MIND at all, and neither does the internet. When he posted an image of himself, on set, “alone” in an alley tweeting to Jared, and then, a few hours later, Jared tweeted him back, well, that was it. The #LonelyJensen hashtag was born, and boy, is it hilarious. Enjoy the images below and, if one of them is yours and it isn’t credited, please let me know!

xoxo The Collectiva Diva

dying over Jensen on Twitter @collectivadiva

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