Fanvid of the Week: The Little Prince (A Dedication to the Eleventh Doctor)

Vidder: L Kellipsis

Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery is my favorite book. Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows. How could I not love a fusion of the two?

Confession: It took me a long time to love the Eleventh Doctor, but once I did, I never wanted him to go. His vibrant youth juxtapositioned with his ancient rage and pain…Matt Smith is a tough act to follow and Peter Capaldi better step it up. This nicely edited vid uses some of the most beautiful and poignant lines from my favorite piece of literature to give a heart-wrenching and gorgeous send off to one of the most loved Doctors of the series. My heart hurts a little each time I watch it, and I kinda just want to send Matt Smith a thank you note now.

Sit. Watch. Cry. Repeat.

-The Collectress


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