Fanfic Wednesday: The Collectiva Diva’s Top 7 Demon!Dean fics


This is it, my friends. The last Fanfic Wednesday post by yours truly, the Diva, and I’ve been compiling this list all summer long. On October 7, 9pm on the CW, season 10 of Supernatural premieres with a newly demonized Dean Winchester. I leave you with 7 of my favorite Demon!Dean fics, to help prepare for the upcoming angst I have a feeling we are in for. Some are gen, some are smutty, but most of these stories read better than the S10 promos and that’s…troubling and awesome at the same time. The transformative community really knows how to take a canon theme and create works that not only reveal the weaknesses of a Dean without the boundaries imposed by network execs (and bad writing), but also remains true to the man who fans wish/hope/dream Dean Winchester is capable of being–with the help of Sam and Cas, of course. Over the summer, promotions for S10 have been confusing and seem very OOC for the Dean Winchester who has undoubtedly evolved over the years. The “frat boy” image of the promos is not good enough for me! I need more depth, show writers. Enter these amazing takes on Demon!Dean and the struggle to balance his human existence with demonic desires.

Enjoy and thanks for spending the summer reading fanfic with me!

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xoxo The Collectiva Diva

1) there’s a light in your eye that keeps shining

Author: xylodemon

Word Count: 1,463

Summary: Cas only sees Dean’s humanity.

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

My Thoughts

In my S10 head canon, I see Sam and Castiel working together to save Dean. Not only that, but in this story, Cas realizes he’s been in love with Dean for a long time and he does something about it. This is pretty much exactly how I wish/hope/dream the season premiere would go down.

2) Restraint

Author: Bookkbaby

Word Count: 1,916

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Summary:  Every fantasy of Cas he’d ever entertained in the privacy of his own head is being paraded in front of his mind’s eye, except different.

Now, everything is dark and tainted and hungry. Now, there’s a part of Dean that cares less about what Cas wants and more about taking pleasure wherever he pleases.

It’s terrifying.

My Thoughts

Watch out. Dean’s self-loathing is showing. As always, Cas is there to show Dean he’s worth saving. Ack! This is pretty much the next scene after that first fic–as in, WHY WON’T THIS HAPPEN IN THE S10 PREMIERE!?


3) Black on Black

Author: allthingsbeautiful9828

Word Count: 6,914

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Summary: Castiel and Sam are doing everything they can to keep Dean in touch with humanity as he descends further and further into the demonic. Although his brother can’t see the scorched dragon wings and scaly skin, Castiel can, which is something that makes him more uncomfortable than he wants to acknowledge. They go camping because it was what Dean loved to do as a human, and that’s when Castiel chooses to start bringing Dean back to his own soul despite how much he hates his new true form.

My Thoughts

Cas tries to help Dean get comfortable in his own skin. The good news is, Cas and Sam are working together to save Dean from himself and they will never give up on him. Just read:

“You haven’t surrendered to what you’ve become. You wear your demonic curse like a cloak but you haven’t let it get into here.” Castiel’s other hand pressed against the center of his chest. “Dean, you’re still in here. Don’t let go of yourself.”

Oh, and there’s smut.

4) Employee of the Month

*Author: TamrynEradani

Word Count: 3,398

Summary: Dean’s not a great demon, but he’s a good man.

My Thoughts

Dean has spent a lifetime saving people. Just because he’s a demon, doesn’t mean he’s going to stop now. This could easily be a MOA episode of Supernatural, except Dean is the monster and he’s saving humans from each other. It’s an interesting juxtaposition and one that this excellent writer explores fearlessly (you might recognize her from “Carry On”, the fandom AU mecca).

*This author has taken down all fanfiction from AO3, LiveJournal and Click here for a link where you may be able to find her work and a PDF of this particular story.


5) No Salvation Here

Author: xylodemon

Word Count: 1,961

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Summary: For my days pass away like smoke, and my bones burn like a furnace – Psalm 102:3

My Thoughts

Here–have some PWP, demon on angel action. You’re welcome.

6) In Captivity

Author: Aquielle

Word Count: 1,669

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Summary: The long looks are nothing new between them, but to have that stare leveled at him all the time was dizzying in its intensity. Half the time he felt like a criminal who had been caught red handed and the other half like something precious, an object of desire. Cas would watch him with a mixture of longing, awe, suspicion and fascination that made his mood vacillate so quickly his head spun.

After the fourth day having Cas around constantly made him restless and his skin felt too tight. A low level hum of arousal started to build in him that would not dissipate, it left him feeling wanton and strung-out and needy.

My Thoughts

This is part 2 of the Where My Demons Hide series and my favorite of the bunch. It can be read as a standalone, but you won’t be disappointed by the poignant look into the precarious balance between Sam, Dean and Cas if you read the entire series. Who else but an Angel of the Lord would have the capability of controlling a Knight of Hell?

Probably my favorite tag ever: Smut Adjacent.

7) Do Demons Dream?

Author: Elliex

Word Count: 2,712

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Summary: Do demons dream?

Dean Winchester has an unsettling experience that upsets his newfound attitude.

This story very loosely takes select events from S9 and S10 (per spoilers) into consideration. It was written pre-S10 premiere.

This is the second entry in the Dreamworlds series. Though (I think) it can be read independently, some background is established in “Only a Dream.”

My Thoughts

Elliex is one of the writers I subscribe to on AO3, so when I saw she’d published a Demon!Dean fic the night before this post went live, well, I had to share. In this story, we finally get to see Dean’s most secret desires. But he thought demons didn’t dream. What exactly does it take to remind Dean of his humanity? Spoiler–it’s Cas and Sam.