Fanvid of the Week: “Eye of the Tiger”

This week’s fanvid isn’t really a fanvid. It’s…err…a vid made by fans, but not a fanvid.

Let me tell you a story, dear Collectors.

Once upon a time, the Collectiva Diva was sad, because the Collectress had to move far away. It was a very sad goodbye,  but the Collectress had a secret. The Collectress did not want her co-blogger to be sad when she was gone, so weeks before she flew away, she put on her angelic cosplay, went to the park, and made an arse of herself, just so the Diva would smile again.

Also, she caught a Moose.

Do not be sad, Diva. Now you have a video to blackmail me with, so we have to be friends forever.

-The Collectress

Vid Credit: The Collected Mutineer




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