Geek Chic: The Collectiva Diva Can’t Stop Shipping To These 5 Albums

As I’ve said before, I am a bit of a music snob.

tina fey

Music inspires me so much, I create elaborate shipping soundtracks that differ with my mood and the type of fic I’m reading or writing. If I become ridiculously obsessed with an album or a band, I will murder their sound for months at a time, until a) I can’t stand to listen to them anymore or b) they come out with a new album for me to kill. I love to share music with friends, and so, dear readers, here are my top 5 albums to ship to. I can’t get enough of them. In fact, I’m listening to at least one right now over on Spotify and so should you.

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xoxo The Collectiva Diva

1) Hozier

I’ve been listening to my Hozier playlist on repeat this week. For hours, at my desk, at home, in the car. I can’t stop. Listening to this band is like sipping a hot cup of tea in front of a burning building. What I mean to say is, it is intense. “From Eden”, “Like Real People Do” and “Take Me To Church” were most definitely written by a Destiel shipper*, while “From Eden” makes me cry for Bucky Barnes. Listen to the NPR Tiny Desk Concert and then go buy the Take Me to Church EP and From Eden EP.

*this in no way is true

2) Phantogram

This band’s 2014 release,Voices, has a place in my heart and my current rotation. The music sounds fairly upbeat at first listen, but some of the lyrics are heart wrenching, starting with the radio hit, “Fall in Love“, a sad tribute to Stucky if I ever did hear one.

3) Lana Del Rey

You might have heard, I’m a Lana fan. Each respective album she releases is genius, and Ultraviolence is no exception. The entire album is brilliant, but my personal faves are the songs that remind me of my adorable Brooklyn boys, Rogers and Barnes. That means, ship it good to “Brooklyn Baby” and “Cruel World” to feel my pain.

4) Antony & the Johnsons

This man’s voice is quiet unique and the album, “Cut the World”, will take you to another plane as you listen to it whilst reading angsty Destiel. I’m not kidding. The song below “Angel on Fire” is from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack and is featured on my DCBB Fic soundtrack as well. It isn’t on the album, but listen to it, then click the link above to tell me what you think about track #2, “Future Feminism”.

5) Birdy

In her 2011 release, Birdy puts her distinct twist on a number of cover songs we know and love. On her 2013 album “Fire Within”, she takes original compositions and adds a flowing beauty to the tunes that make them perfect to listen to while you ship our boys, Dean and Cas. My favorite by her is still the Bon Iver cover, “Skinny Love”. Don’t knock her version until you’ve listened along while you read my Destiel gift fic, “Best Summer Ever”.