Fanfic Wednesday: A Study in Intimacy


Title: A Study in Intimacy

Author: doodle

Characters: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Word Count: 5,183


Author Summary: People don’t touch Sherlock Holmes, not like they touch other people.

Then he meets John Watson.

My Thoughts:

I don’t read a lot of Johnlock. Not that I don’t ship it good, but I just can’t get into the fanfic. I basically will read anything by Mad_Lori or Emmagrant01, but that’s about it. So, when I asked the Collectress to find me a fluffy Johnlock fic, I needed something short but engaging and well written. This is what she gave me. A study in the evolving relationship and physical intimacy between Sherlock and John. It’s sad and sweet and a great read if you’re trying to board a ship without too much commitment.

I feel I should warn for lack of smut.

Disclaimer: It may seem that this is not my FF:W if the Collectress is inadvertently steering the boat, but she’s the admiral, and her fanfic suggestions are my compass through strange waters. I’ve only got two weeks of recs left before the Collectress takes this column back, so I’m giving up trying to read other ships and sticking with my most favorite of all OTPs. Tune in next week…

xoxo The Collectiva Diva