Fanfic Wednesday: this city bleeds its aching heart (NSFW)

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Title: this city bleeds its aching heart

Author: Renne

Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers

Word Count: 34,537


Author Summary: The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood.

My Thoughts:

This was the second Stucky fic I read (after a 118k  angsty monster), mostly because I have a serious fake husbands!kink and I was in dire need of fluff.

I guess this could be an AU, if you squint.

This gift fic for Brumous, the lovely artist who created the Stucky fanart you see at the top of the page, is a fluffy piece of smut-tastic writing that I enjoy immensely every time I read it. So many Post-Winter Soldier fics are full of angst and UST, for good reason. The Winter Soldier is a dark character and Captain America is often portrayed as overprotective and not quite ready to explore the homoerotic desire he obviously holds for his best guy because Bucky is too broken. This isn’t that story.

For me, a good AU takes the essence of a character and inserts him into a world so unlike the canon one we know and implants him into a strangely fitting scenario. The hero we love should be implanted into the alternate reality and be able to thrive and shine through as the unique character he is. This writer writes an essentially canon story, layers AU on top and brings it back home with smut, to create a sugary but realistic continuation of the Winter Soldier story. Neither character loses his angst or fears, but they are muted by the sheer availability of happiness that an AU offers. It isn’t a crime to write a happy ending for some really sad boys now and again.

I’m contemplating AUs because the #destielsmutbrigade is starting a 30-day AU Challenge September 1 on AO3. Expect fics from some of the hottest Destiel writers around (including the Collective gals). Stay tuned for more details.


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