New Who, Regeneration and Missing Matt Smith

The Doctor lands in Parliament Square [Flynet]
The Doctor lands in Parliament Square Friday [Flynet]
The countdown to new Who has begun and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. For the last twelve days, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have traveled the world, from London to Rio, promoting series 8 of Doctor Who. This morning in Parliament Square, the TARDIS landed and London prepares for New Who this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about the new season and will watch every Saturday ON MY OWN TV because I ordered a bunch of new channels to bring you timely TV talk for Fall. Still, while I have stayed positive and professional, this nostalgia started about ten seconds after crying my eyes out on Christmas 2013, like a good Wholigan.

I miss Matt Smith.

I also miss the Ponds. And River Song. Whovians across space and time have experienced this regeneration thing multiple times. Twelve, to be exact. For me and many fans, Matt Smith is the first Doctor we’ve lost in real time. It seems surreal for the storyline to shift so completely from Eleven to Twelve and I wonder how you all handled this with Tennant (it must have been ugly). The only reason I’m not freaking out more, is I believe Stephen Moffat has a plan.

Matt Smith and Steven Moffat

Unlike some of my peers, I trust Moffat. He has ushered me through many complex characters–from Sherlock and Watson to River and Eleven–and he doesn’t disappoint. Yes, he murders our favorite characters, does a bit of baiting and confounds like the Dickens, but his work entertains and he is a fan first, which makes his shows fun to watch and to talk about.

Peter Capaldi is also a fan of the show. After we announced he would take over the role, we also shared his fanart and the fact that the man has been watching Who since he was a wee lad. This is the kind of Doctor that will take the character to new levels, infusing our favorite Timelord with a level of gravitas we have only yet received glimpses of.

Twelve will be different. He will be older and maybe not as funny or gangly as Matt Smith. He also won’t run as much as Ten or look as good in leather as Nine did. He won’t wear vegetables or a cape and his companions won’t be the Ponds or River, Rose or Donna. Twelve is the Doctor, though and regeneration is just part of the package. It’s time to move forward, fellow Whovians.

See you in the time vortex this Saturday on BBCA. Chris Hardwick will host a preshow starting 5pm PST. The new season of Doctor Who begins at 5:15pm PST. Recaps of new episodes will begin next week and I cannot wait to live tweet the show this Saturday with viewers all over the world @nerdwrldprblms 

 (See a clip of “Deep Breath” here)


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