Shipping 101: The Transformative World of the Dean/Cas Big Bang

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If you ship Destiel (as you know we do), you probably do so through the transformative works of fans. If you’re like me, you may troll the many fanfic recommendation blogs on Tumblr or go through the 30k plus works tagged “Castiel/Dean Winchester” on AO3 looking for something well written and with enough length to develop characters and plot lines. Look no further, Dean and Cas fans, the time of the DCBB is upon us.

For serious writers and creators of original fan art, the annual Dean/Cas Big Bang is an exciting way to get work to the masses in an established and well known transformative collaboration. Since 2010, the moderators over at have worked to put together the best art and fiction to come off of the #USSDestiel.

Here is the community description:

The deancasbigbang is a slash/gen fic challenge with accompanying artwork centering around a romantic or a general strong friendship between Dean/Castiel or Jensen/Misha.

There is an established schedule for authors and artists with 6 months between sign ups and draft due dates with 2 tracks for writers to choose from–the 10k mini bang or the 20k+ big bang challenge. Once drafts are submitted, artists choose what story they want to illustrate and what medium will be used. The fics have a staggered release date and can be posted to the Live Journal community as well as any other site the author chooses.

Today is the due date for draft submission for writers and then the artists will read the summaries and choose stories before they begin working on illustrations.  This community of writers and artists will work together to create a quality product that will be enjoyed by numerous readers for years to come, and I’m excited to say I’ve written a story this year for the Big Bang track. I’ve got the 25k, written my summary, tagged my warnings and am ready to submit, as soon as my Betas give the go ahead. Although the task took me 5 months, a bucket full of tears and a deal with a crossroads demon, I have finished and boy, does it feel fucking GRAND. If you’re looking for quality writing and art, visit the DCBB community at Live Journal. You will find a range of topics, verses, styles and writers as well as amazing accompanying art work created to compliment the story.

To all the DCBB writers and artists out there, good luck! Chuck speed! See you on the other side.

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