Ten Reasons I’m Obsessed With Sebastian Stan

 Happy 32nd Birthday, Sebby!



Today marks the birthday of the Romanian sex god himself, Sebastian Stan. The Winter Soldier (or the Mad Hatter, depending on your fandom) turns 32 today, and in celebration of his birth, here are 10 reasons why I love Sebby so damn much.

1) That tongue thing he does

In case you needed it again FOR SCIENCE…

2) He loves his fans

3) He performs theatre and is good at it

4) The BrOTP with Anthony Mackie is adorbs

in case you needed more evidence…


5) He won’t quit Chris Evans

6) He’s got no problems with slash on film

One more because REASONS…

7) He plays dark roles REALLY WELL

We all know him as the Winter Soldier…


…but he also played TJ Hammond, a  gay, drug addict, suicide survivor in “Political Animals”…


…and the Mad Hatter on “Once Upon a Time”…


…as well as a number of other douchey teen characters on TV and film.

8) He loves to laugh and it’s adorable

9) His abs (I know, I’m a horrible person, but LOOK)

10) He’s one half of my newest OTP, Stucky

Geez Sebastian Stan! Don’t ever change. 

Fanning myself,

The Collectiva Diva

seriously tho, I post Sebby all over my Twitter @collectivadiva


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