Fanfic Wednesday: Full Circle

Title: Full Circle

Author: Sigyn

Characters: Melody Pond/River Song, the 11th Doctor, Canton Delaware III

Word Count: 13,182


The author’s description: There’s a disturbing gap in River Song’s canon history, from 1969-1984. What was she doing during all that time? Does anyone really think the Doctor would have left her abandoned like that? What happens to a little girl, caught in the gap between one life, and another? And what happens when it comes full circle? Seven chapters. (Sort of AU as of Angels Take Manhattan).

My Thoughts:

The timeline of River Song is intriguing and confusing, but the missing years of her life can seem frustrating to Whovians who are fans of the Ponds’ daughter and want to know more about her life. This all ages fic (meaning no smut) takes S6 of Doctor Who and explains some of the gaps in time for River/Melody Pond. Featuring a strong storyline including one of my favorite DW non-companions, Canton Delaware III, this story is sweet, sad and a wonderful peak into the life of Melody before she became River Song. I’ll admit it, I teared up a couple times at the bittersweetness of it all. I’m amazed that a well written piece of fanfiction can bring readers back into the world of River and the Doctor so effortlessly. If you are a fan of River Song and the crazy timeline that Moffat created for the character, this is a great time-gap filler for all your Wholigan needs.

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