Adieu, Funny Man

I was supposed to write about True Blood, but then I heard of the death of one of the funniest men to ever live, Robin Williams.


Mr. Williams was the first man to ever make me laugh until I cried. I can think of no better tribute to this man of comedy, laughter, and joy than to share my favorite scene from my favorite film of his: The Birdcage. (I apologize for the poor quality; it was the best I could find).

There are a few movie moments that change your life–my father would tell you the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan is the only one to reduce him to tears–and this was one of mine. It was this film that introduced me to the importance of equality for the LGBT community, and when my best friend came out to me in high school, we watched this film and ate bucketfuls of ice cream to celebrate. Growing up in a conservative Christian community, sexual orientation was something to be hidden, to be ashamed of, but Robin Williams celebrated diversity, and now, so do I.

You will be missed, Mr. Williams.

Rest in peace, Funny Man.

-The Collectress