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Captain’s Log. Star date 92198.61. 

I couldn’t be prouder of my crew. Though I had read much of the insanity that is GISHWHES, nothing could fully prepare me for the softer, more tender moments of this week-long marathon of creativity, mayhem, and kindness. My crew, team Mutiny in the Impala, is full of some of the most charitable people that I have the privilege of knowing. We have accomplished things that I didn’t think possible (throwing a party whilst collecting litter, for example) and somewhere along the way I lost any and all capability for shame and instead have gained a capacity for compassion and generosity that I didn’t expect.

This morning I worked by myself on projects, and I headed into the enemy territory of Wal-Mart (sorry Target, but you don’t have kale for $1) for supplies. As I meandered through the store and random items such as a large package of Kotex, moving boxes, and licorice made their way into my shopping cart, I stopped frequently to help older persons (who all shop at Wal-mart on a Tuesday morning apparently) reach items that were either too low or too high for them to reach. Would I have done that last week? Probably not. In general, I’m the chick who walks around with “fuck off” permanently written into my forehead. I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me–that’s my life’s motto. But after spending most of yesterday with my crewmates doing community service, I want to help people. I want to make someone’s day for no reward other than seeing them smile.

Smiles Gained During GISHWHES: 127.

This is quickly turning out to be the most fun I’ve ever had, and knowing that I can make someone’s day at the same time is just the whipped cream on the pie. The Collectiva Diva calls it a break from the routine, but wouldn’t it be something if this capacity for doing nice things became my new routine? Perhaps we should treat every week as a GISHWHES week and go out of our ways to help others because we can and not because Misha told us to (although I’m quickly learning that I’ll do pretty much anything Misha tells me to).

In other news, GISHWHES is giving me reasons to wear at least 3 of my cosplay outfits every day. I knew that catsuit would come in handy.

Keep going Gishers! Only 3 more days!

-The Collectress

Proud Captain of Team Mutiny in the Impala

Twitter: @dearcollectress