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Today Team Mutiny participated in a couple of service activities and coffee based items and had a pretty full day. We made a few new buddies at a local senior center and did our best to save the ducks by picking up a zillion tiny pieces of plastic by the side of the river. Did I mention we dressed as hula girls for both? I might have forgotten that part. What I didn’t forget were the flowers, beach balls and homemade cards. Sorry we couldn’t visit your grandma, Misha, but Betty Boop and Miss Jane made a real impression on our team and we can’t wait to go back and share our photos with our fabulous new friends. My 11-year old daughter is doing GISHWHES with Team Mutiny and, while getting a tween to smile and have fun with mom is almost impossible these days, she’s currently sitting in a jacuzzi with ice cream on her head with our team while I write this post, grinning like she means it.

Smiles gained during GISHWHES: 42

On another note, my husband had a serious sit-down with me about my obsession with Misha Collins and fandom. He asked me to swear I’m not going to lose my job (I reassured him I am on vacation) but, after watching the GISHWHES website video (Thank Chuck for that inspirational shit) has decided we are NOT getting a divorce over a scavenger hunt. I left him with a better understanding of the list item he’s promised to participate in on Friday and a firm promise that the hunt ends on Saturday.

4 days, 3 hours, 10 minutes.

Watch this video, and insert “GISHWHES” everytime you hear “Catalina Wine Mixer” and you might be close to how I’m feeling right now.

Sleepless but Still Married,

The Collectiva Diva