Stephen Colbert Reveals the New Captain America

This week, Marvel has rocked geekdom with several announcements, the first being that the superhero Thor would now be “that’s Lady Thor to you, mere mortal.” The Avengers: Age of Ultron cast has new photospreads in Entertainment Weekly, and, lastly Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer for Marvel, showed up on The Colbert Report with news about the newest hero to carry Cap’s shield in the comics, now that Steve Rogers has had the super serum stripped from his body.

That’s right, Sam Wilson, better known to comic readers as “The Falcon,” will be the sidekick no more. He will be protecting liberty and patriotism and all the Steve Rogers has stood for, now that his friend is no longer able to fight the good fight.

As excited as I am for Marvel’s new direction in the comics, I am more than a little sad that Cap is out of the game. If you’ve been reading our blog over the past year, you already know he’s my favorite. But, if Stephen Colbert really is the new Falcon, I’m on board.

It’s been a big week for Marvel, and Comic Con isn’t even until next week.

-The Geeky Collectress

Are you excited about Marvel’s new direction? Do you hate it? Let’s talk about it. Leave a comment or come chat with me on Twitter. @dearcollectress



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