Doctor Who News: Series 8 Scripts Leaked by Anon Wanker



It is a sad day in the TARDIS when the first 5 scripts of series 8 Doctor Who are leaked onto the internet by spoiler happy wankers. This week, the BBC acknowledged that indeed, the actual series scripts are currently floating around the internet due to some asshole who had the brilliant idea to try and ruin the show for Wholigans everywhere. Friends, this is not stand-up behavior and even I, the spoiler queen, will not be perusing the web for these tidbits.

The writers, actors, crew and studio have worked very hard to keep the show fresh and fun for viewers. Why ruin the August 23rd series 8 premiere–in which we travel with the 12th Doctor for the first time–by reading the words in a script? Don’t you realize, the show is an amalgamation of physicality, acting, expression, and set, and not just words? THIS is why Moffat is always so hesitant to release footage at Comic Con or to share information with the public–because certain jerks take the idea of “spoilers” too far and try to ruin it for the rest of us.

Let’s stand together in Whovian solidarity and #keepmespoilerfree until August 23!

Til then, enjoy the teasers, like the rest of us!


your friendly neighborhood Wholigan,

The Collectiva Diva





  1. Bec Graham

    That was actually what I said when someone asked if I’d read the scripts. The words do nothing but spoil the plot, but they can’t portray the characters the way the actors and directors and costume designers and musicians can.

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