Fanvid of the Week: Are You Watching Closely

Vidder: Liisakee

With the recent announcement of the “imminent” return of BBC’s Sherlock (hey, we’ll only have to wait…18 months for new episodes!), I felt like it was a good time to revisit this rather astute fusion of Michael Caine’s voiceover from Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige (2006) and the rooftop scene from “The Reichenbach Fall.”

Sherlock himself said, “It’s a trick. It’s just a magic trick.”

I wonder if he knew that also applied to Jim Moriarty. Anyone have some Mori-theories to share? Here’s mine: twins.

-The Collectress

You can find me swooning about Benny, Martin, and other British actors over on Twitter. @dearcollectress

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