Fanfic Wednesday: Little Lies to Get Me By



Title: Little Lies to Get Me By

Author: OhCaptainMyCaptain

Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers/James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes

Word Count: 149,908 (WIP)

Warnings: NSFW, era-typical homophobia, Some non-con activities up to about chapter 6 (from an outside source; neither Steve nor Bucky are the perpetrators). *WARNING TAG FOR RAPE/NONCON IS ONLY APPLICABLE UP TO CHAPTER 6*


the light before we land: by sandara
the light before we land: by sandara

Hello Shipmates!

Collectiva Diva here, getting ready to enjoy a summer of fanfiction with you, our discerning readers. I hope you will enjoy these next few stories as much as I do. Collectress and I have similar but distinct tastes, so get ready for twists on fan favorites and a few new ships. YES I KNOW. Collectress has teased me mercilessly for staying aboard the #USSDestiel for an entire year, and so here I am, branching out with my first fic rec for you, dearies. I promised Collectress I would do her column justice as she galavants around town; moving, writing for 2 Big Bangs (and beta-ing mine), while acting as Captain for Team Mutiny in the Impala for GISHWHES in August. I, on the other hand, have nothing better to do than become obsessed with the good ship Stucky.

And let me tell you…I. Am. Hooked.


The author’s description: Forced into a traumatizing situation that neither can control, Bucky and Steve have to confront their feelings for each other. It’s a long road ahead…

*Pre-serum Steve and Bucky feels; first time fluff and smut; masturbation and oral sex; and lots of discomfort and angst*

Starts in 1938 and will carry forward throughout the events of The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier.

My Thoughts:

The relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes spans over almost an entire century, but this is the only author I’ve come across who dares begin with pre-serum Steve and promise post-Winter Soldier feels. First-time/first-love fics hold a special place in my heart and reading about these two before they were super humans makes the modern canon even more real for me. I agonized over which story to share, as I have found a few lovely ones. But I settled here, because I am a sucker for a love story steeped in smut.

This pairing is about falling and staying in love, simple as that. Still, the author does not take us down an easy road. The first 7 chapters are rough, and if you can get through them, you will find this slow-burn romance between a young pre-serum Steve and Bucky Barnes well worth it. I won’t skirt around it–Chapter 6 is borderline too much for me, and I’ve got a iron stomach. This is set before the war, and these Brooklyn boys are desperate. Bucky will do whatever it takes to keep Steve safe and healthy, even if it means sacrificing his own happiness.

There is a whole lotta angst, which usually isn’t my style, but it gets resolved, and then screwed with, and then resolved again, for the time being. This is a WIP, which also isn’t my style, but it doesn’t feel unfinished. The description states that the events of the story will follow all the way to TWS timeline, which means, at almost 150k words, the author isn’t even halfway finished, plus, she posts a chapter or more each week. My worst fear is that she will get tired of writing this, because I don’t think I will ever get tired of enjoying this story unfold. While the word count (and counting) may seem daunting, I look at this as more of a series than a single story. In THE longest comment I’ve ever left in AO3 (and an ongoing Twitter convo), I mentioned to the author that she might want to chop it into parts, so as not to scare off potential readers and to keep us oldies but goodies coming back. Seems that, at the end of the latest update, she decided to poll readers on whether or not this is a good idea, and I’m proud to say that most of her fans agree that breaking Little Lies up into a series will get more readers to commit to the story. Like other followers of this story, I just really want all the Stucky shippers to discover this fic.

If you’re into angst, true love, and sexy Stucky times, this is the fic for you. Oh, and of course if I’m going to recommend a story full of boy-on-boy super smut. You know me!

shipping it good,

The Collectiva Diva

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