Doctor Who News: Series 8 Set to Premiere August 23 and no DW at SDCC 2014

Cheers, Wholigans!

New Who is almost upon us. BBC announced last week that Series 8 with new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will premiere on Saturday, August 23rd at 8pm, which should be the same air date and time as BBC America.

The episode is entitled, “Deep Breath” and is set to be “feature length”, so more than an hour, at any rate. The actors are filming series 8 now, which means they are in across the Pond and won’t make it to San Diego Comic Con this year. While some may be pissed about that, I say OH WELL, NEITHER WILL THE COLLECTIVE BLOGGERS (I’m not bitter, you’re bitter). Plus, I’d rather get a well-made series than a few photos of the cast and crew in regular clothes.

The fandom has mixed thoughts on this new Doctor, his chemistry with Companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) and whether he will be able to fill Eleven’s bowtie but Capaldi is a brilliant actor who is understated and fierce, both traits I think the Doctor requires. Eleven is gone, people! Time to get on with the show and see what this new guy’s all about. Enjoy this teaser with the Doctor and Clara pondering the hard questions.


xoxo The Collectiva Diva


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