True Blood Recap: I Found You

Spoilers, darling. Spoilers. 

Property of HBO

Property of HBO

Alright, Truebies, the end is nigh, and vampirical hell is coming for Bon Temps. Now, last week’s episode had some of our favorite characters in peril, and left Sookie’s best friend, Tara, a pile of vampire goo.  The story lines are wrapping up, and while True Blood has a long tradition of killing off seemingly-important characters, this time around, there won’t be any chance for redemption or reincarnation (as Tara’s death showed us last week.) So without any ado whatsoever, let’s talk about blood.

Truth Be Told

A summary of “I Found You” in seven sentences:

  • Jason has a sex dream about Eric Northman, who is still MIA.
  • Sam, Andy Bellefleur, Jason, Sookie, and Alcide make a journey to a neighboring township, Saint Alice, to discover the location of the rogue vampires but instead realize that Saint Alice has been sucked dry.


  • Sookie realizes her first love, Bill, may not be as much of an “ex” status as she thought.
  • Andy’s fairy daughter reveals her fairy powers to the people of Bon Temps, and considering how they reacted to their discovery of Sam Merlotte’s shapeshifter status, I think they’ll treat her the same way they do everyone who is different: with distrust and fear.
  • Tara’s mother craves V, and lies and manipulates Willa to get more so she can be “reunited” with her daughter in her drugged-out hallucinations (LaFayette calls her out on it and it’s the smartest thing anyone says the entire episode.)
  • The general, nonmagical, population of Bon Temps have amassed as a vigilante mob, swarming the sheriff’s department and arming themselves, because nobody bothered to read Vampire 101 in which it states that bullets don’t do shit against the nosferatu.
  • Pam finds Eric, and he doesn’t look so good.

  Therein Lies the Truth

Now that we’ve made it through the first two episodes, the major themes of the season are beginning to take shape for us. Let’s discuss what’s  in store for Sookie Stackhouse and friends. So far, I’ve noticed three prevalent themes that are probably going to make their way into the life of every character.


One of the things that first got me hooked on the Sookie Stackhouse novels (and later, the HBO series) was that although Sookie was surrounded by people, she was alone in so many ways. This isolation helped me bond with True Blood’s protagonist, because don’t we all feel like that sometimes? That even your family is lightyears away from understanding you? I liked that they didn’t treat Sookie’s abilities as a “gift;” telepathy is good in theory, but in reality knowing that your best friend thinks the way you pronounce “marshmallow” is the most annoying thing on the planet does nothing for your friendship.

Best character.
Best character.

So far this season, the writers have made efforts to depict the fear and distrust that Sookie encounters because of her telepathy, something that has been glossed over for the past few seasons. Aside from Sookie, we also see a Lafayette who is isolated and struggling with the deaths of several loved ones, of which Tara is the most recent. He, as well as Sookie, know better than most in Bon Temps what it is like to be ostracized by the community. Lafayette and Sookie’s mental and emotional isolation is mirrored in the isolation of Bon Temps. There is no outside help coming to save them. If Saint Alice is any indication, the good people of small-town Louisiana are going to have to defeat this vampire threat on their own.

The Danger of Mob Mentality

Thanks to the telepathy of Andy Bellefleur’s fairy daughter (seriously, why can’t I bother to remember her name?), we discover the danger of leaving the “normal” folk on their own without supernatural guidance. Once the vampires are put to bed, and the other supes are gallivanting (and eating pizza) in Saint Alice, the rest of the townsfolk make like George Zimmerman and stand their ground…by breaking into the sheriff’s department and stealing the weaponry and ammunition. Why is this so dangerous? Won’t weapons help them defend themselves against vicious homicidal vampires?

Oh True Blood, your social commentary is so poignant.

We already know how this is going to end.

Here’s the danger of everyone arming themselves: without regulation or instruction, these “vigilantes” will feel that they’re entitled to patrol and enforce safety measures for the community, in spite of being explicitly told by their sheriff and mayor not to. Now, vampires are not zombies; during the daytime, the public is generally safe from the threat they pose. So, really, staying inside their homes at night and waiting for the virus to wipe out the rogue vampires is the best (and safest) plan. HOWEVER, if you give someone with a vigilante sense of justice a gun, they’re going to get a false sense of security, and they’re going to go looking to impose said “justice.”

We already see this shitstorm forming, as the good citizens of Bon Temps waste ammunition while practicing vampire kill shots (again, was I the only one who did the reading? Regular bullets won’t work!).


In “I Found You,” we learned some, ahem, important things about a few main characters. Y’all know which scenes I’m talking about, don’t you? 😉

That’s right, one sexy undead Viking played a starring role in fairy boy Jason Stackhouse’s erotic dreams. My good friend, Jacksqueen, calls it “the scene which launched a thousand fanfics.”

Um, yes please!

i found you 3


But, big spoon/little spoon debates aside, I’ve gotta give True Blood some kudos for taking two characters–who have mostly been regarded as straight for the past six seasons–and giving them a very passionate dream sequence together. Even if it’s never going to be canon, letting one straight man fantasize about a sexy male vampire because, hey, why not? Why can’t one man find another attractive? That’s a step many, many shows wouldn’t take, because ratings. True Blood writers seem to approach this last season of the show with a “we do what we want” attitude. So far, I’m loving it. Let Jason get a little curious. We’ve all been there.

Guess Jason is the big spoon.  Source:
Guess Jason is the big spoon.

Our dear fairy waitress seems to be keeping a secret. The fate of Saint Alice shook her, so much so that she’s now seeking the help of her ex-boyfriend, Vampire Bill.

I don’t agree with her plan of keeping her plan a secret (c’mon Sookie, bring back up!), but I do respect that she’s taking an initiative and refusing to let her man, Alcide, dictate her decisions. However, this newfound autonomy and spine will probably spell the end of the Sookcide (Alcie?) relationship, as we already know that the werewolf has serious trust issues when it comes to women. Sookie’s love pendulum is swinging back to the vampire side of things, and we know who Sookeh really belongs to.

Personally, I’m a Sookie/Eric shipper through and through, but the writers have a darker plan for my beloved undead Viking, one that will essentially obliterate any chance at a happy ending for the vampire and fairy waitress. The end of last night’s episode had Pam reunite with her maker, and, well, he really doesn’t look so good.

true blood i found you 1

If this is to be the end of the Northman, I am mighty glad that his Pam is at his side.

Until next week, Truebies. Rest in peace.

-The Collectress

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