FOX and Sci-Fi: Why I’m Talking About GOTHAM

The FOX Network is premiering Gotham in their fall lineup, and so far, I’ve been ambivalent about the idea of a new superhero show about my all time favorite bat dude and here is why; it’s FOX.

Then I saw the trailer.

Dammit, it looks good. FOX, do I dare embark on this sci-fi journey with you, knowing your track record for canceling really excellent shows?  My fangirl heart can’t deal with falling for a really great show on a network that doesn’t seem to have any connoisseurs of sci-fi on the “Keep it” committee.  May I present exhibit LIFE:


Watched: The entire season

This one hurts, still. I will never, ever forgive you, FOX, for canceling this brilliant show. #TeamJoss

Almost Human

Watched: half of the ONLY season on Hulu.

Day After. Every week. Til I realized it was too good to be true and broke it off before I could get hurt. FOX, you didn’t want a show with a diverse cast and hot film actors with a unique setting and premise? Okaaaaay.


Watched: None. I’m scared of pain.

Collectress would never forgive me if I didn’t include this Whedon show. I haven’t watched it, but she tells me it’s brilliant. I know it is, but aren’t there, like, a zillion cliffhangers? I CAN’T EVEN.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Watched: None. I already knew.

This show looks so good!! I just, man. I really love the Terminator franchise, always have. I love Lena Headey. I will love this show and then I will get my heart broken. Again.


So, Gotham. Superheroes are hot right now and I love Ben McKenzie (I’m an undercover OC fan) but I just don’t trust that FOX will get the support it needs to keep a really good sci-fi show going. I think I may give it a try, because I have no doubt fans of Arrow, which is very popular on social media and just got renewed for a 3rd season, may want to watch the DC based origin story. One thing I do know–if I like it, I’m going to talk about it. If we don’t give the shows we love press, they will die. I feel bad for Almost Human, RIP single season FOX sci-fi show. You are in good company.

xoxo The CollectivaDiva


  1. Bec Graham

    Let’s not forget Star-Crossed and Kyle XY. I feel like FOX just hates sci-fi and gets rid of it ASAP. The only one I’m not really mourning is Tomorrow People. It was a not-very-well-executed X-Men rip off. Seriously: next stage of human evolution and everything…

    1. acollectivemind

      Oh I can’t believe I missed Kyle XY! I heard about Star-Crossed and I thought of you 😦 We need to get out there and let them know we love the shows or else they get canceled sooooo fast on that network!

      1. Bec Graham

        It was solo long ago, it would’ve been easy to miss but Kyle XY still hurts. It was such an awesome show! At least they told us where they were going to go with it, but I would have liked to see those guys act it all out. It was so cool!
        And they use some weird-ass calculation to figure out who’s watching what. What if you don’t watch it on TV? I think you’re right: take to social media!!!!

  2. Whitney Hall (@Tubular_Whitney)

    While it’s not sci-fi, add Wonderfalls to the list of shows FOX strangled in their cribs before they ever had a chance. Fun premise, great cast, and so much heart!

    And I know it hurts, but give Dollhouse a go. It’s not without its flaws – mainly due to interference from … wait for it … the network – but worth it for Enver Gjokaj’s performance alone. And the sick fight scene between Tahmoh Penikett and Eliza Dushku in the episode “Man on the Street”. I was so sad Supernatural never had a proper dust up between Dean and Gadreel because that kid has moves.

      1. ghostof82

        I gave up midway through season two. Maybe Fox was right with that one, although given the change of tone between the two seasons I suspect unwelcome interference/tinkering by Fox anyway (I did at the time- it felt like a different show when I gave up on it). Too often network shows feel like they are made by committee and suffer for it.

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