Game of Thrones Recap “The Children”

game-thrones-season-4-premiere It is the season 4 finale of Game of Thrones, which means a bit of heartache, a bit of murder and a whole lot of unresolved tension. Personally, the finale lacked the excitement of even the last episode, but it did successfully set each group of characters on their prospective paths for season 5. This episode, I find myself missing the emotional depth of the books. I mean–whose great idea was it to completely ignore the emergence of Lady Stoneheart? Or to have Arya walking away from the Hound the last we ever see of him? Even the exchange between Tywin and Tyrion could have been a bit more dramatic, but alas, the entire thing lacked luster. If the single most surprising and intense moments of book 3 can be dismissed, well, what else will writers decide is unimportant from the original text? Still, the themes of betrayal, escape and renewal that flow throughout the text remain consistent in the show, as well. In the game of thrones, there are variables and variants that make it nearly impossible to make moral judgements on our players. Whether well loved like Arya Stark or despised like Cersei Lannister, characters continue to push the boundaries set upon them by others and redefine their own nature as choices are made and lines are drawn that cannot be erased. As audiences wait 9 months or so for the season 5 premiere and the answers to all the questions posed in the season 4 finale, we can only speculate on how the show will pack into the next season the actors and places we love from GoT, while remaining true to the scope of George R. R. Martin’s work.

The North

screen shot cr:
screen shot cr:

At the Wall, the sparse troops of the Night’s Watch have been thinned out even more by the Free Folks’ attack and Jon Snow decides to parlay with Mance Rayder in order to find agreeable terms for both sides. When he arrives at the camp, Jon is recognized as a leader of the Crows but also as a liar who infiltrated the ranks of the Wildlings under false pretences. When Jon explains that he followed the orders of Quorin Halfhand to learn all he could about the Wildling plans and then return to the Night’s Watch, Mance admits he only wants the Free Folk to find safety from winter on the other side of the Wall. The easy way that Jon and Mance get along is evident in this scene as they share a drink to mourn dead friends lost in the recent battle, sharing a mutual respect that leaders often do. Before any decisions can be made about terms or surrender, hundreds of nameless soldiers ride through the Wildling ranks, attacking with the element of surprise–so much so, even Jon Snow isn’t sure who the army belongs to. Apparently, the funds Stannis Baratheon and Davos procured from the Iron Bank purchased the contracts of enough mercenaries to overthrow the Free Folk army. With Stannis as saviour of the Wall and Castle Black, the Night’s Watchmen take the time to bury and burn their dead and Jon Snow takes Ygritte’s body North of the Wall for a proper burial in the land which she belongs.  Stannis recognizes Jon Snow as the son of Ned Stark, who died defending Stannis’ name, and immediately we are reminded that Jon’s parentage, while unimpressive to his Brothers at the Wall, still holds some power in the world outside. Stannis is unsure what to do with Mance Rayder and Jon reminds him that his father would not have tortured and killed the man, but extracted information and kept him prisoner, instead. The future of the Night’s Watch is uncertain, but we know that the Wildlings remain on the wrong side of the Wall and, with White Walkers rising and attacking indiscriminately, it is up to Stannis to decide the fate of the Free Folk before it is too late.

Also in the far North, Bran, Hodor, Jojen and Meera arrive at the godswood of the three-eyed raven, only to be attacked by White Walkers who previously lie dormant under the snow. A strange child comes out of a cave shooting fireballs from her hands to save Bran Stark. She knows his name, and says “he” is waiting to meet the group. Jojen is fatally stabbed by a wight and his sister, Meera, must choose to stay with him, fight and die or leave him. At Jojen’s insistence, Meera goes to leave him, but first slits his throat mercifully so that he will have a quick death. The strange child then incinerates Jojen’s body, so there is nothing left of him to reanimate after death. In the cave, Bran meets the warg who is the three-eyed raven living under the godswood. The mission of “the children”, who claim to have been around before the first men, is unknown, but Bran and his friends seem to be safe, for now and will not have to run any longer.

Arya, on the other hand, is running as far away as she possibly can. After finding out about Aunt Lysa’s death, Arya and the Hound are once again on the move and right at their heels are Brienne and Podrick. When the 4 finally meet up, Brienne and the Hound fight for Arya’s well being as much as for control of the situation. Brienne made an oath to Lady Catelyn but the Hound has been looking after Arya, in his own way, for quite some time. Arya chooses not to go with either of them, and, when Brienne defeats the Hound and goes looking for Arya, the girl hides until the lady knight and her squire are gone. With the Hound mortally wounded, Arya decides to leave him to die instead of killing him and crossing his name off her list. I am a bit bothered that this veers away from the book, as I am to understand that we will not see the Hound wasting away from his infected wounds and mercifully murdered later on. Arya does get on a boat to Braavos, using her coin and whispering the words “Valar Morgulis” to the ship’s captain. She procures a cabin and is on her own once again, stronger, resilient, and independent. We can only hope that season 5 brings for Arya peace and safety–two things she cannot find as Arya Stark in King’s Landing or anywhere on this side of the Narrow Sea.

Across the Narrow Sea

screen shot cr:
screen shot cr:

Queendom is not all that Daenerys thought it would be. While freeing the slaves across Westeros is her dream, it isn’t necessarily that of all those in bondage. When an elderly slave begs to return to his master so that his life regains some of it’s former meaning, Dany is crushed that her goal for a slave-free Seven Kingdoms seems to be too big for her to accomplish. When a father brings his 3 year old burnt daughter’s body to Daenerys and tells her that Drogon, her fiesty black dragon, killed the child while in the fields of Mereen, Dany decides to chain up the dragons so they don’t hurt anyone or anything else. Her new understanding of the importance of certain types of bondage is an interesting juxtaposition from the finality of her former position. She may come to understand that sometimes, the chains are necessary, even for animals as majestic as her dragons. As Dany chains the three growing dragons down in the dark of catacombs,she cries, and for the first time, she is without them indefinitely.

King’s Landing

screen shot cr:
screen shot cr:

House Lannister’s precarious hold on King’s Landing may finally be coming to an end. Cersei decides she will not marry into the House Tyrell and tells her father as much. Instead of taking her seriously, Tywin does what he knows best, which is to say he insults her commitment to the family and her womanhood. Cersei does not back down from her father’s harsh words, conversely, she attacks his value system by telling him the truth about her longterm sexual relationship with Jaime. Cersei is a wounded mama bear with just enough crazy to be extremely lethal. She lets her father know she will burn the Lannister house to the ground before she allows Tommen to be ripped apart by a conniving Margaery Tyrell and Tywin Lannister. Now, as a person who has read what comes next, I am excited to see where the show will take Lena Headley’s character now that she has come clean about the incestuous relationship with her brother, Jaime, yet wary at the same time. Ever since the sex scene between Jaime and Cersei under their son’s tomb, I have a real issue with the push and pull of this particular relationship. Incest is bad. Incest and rape is just unacceptable and way too much for me to handle. Let’s hope that the producers remember that females make up a good number of the viewership and, while we understand the need to use violence as a form of power association, excessive violence to women will cause me to stop watching sooner rather than later.

Speaking of violence toward women, the scene I’ve been waiting for finally came in the last few minutes of this episode, but it seemed a bit anticlimactic and not as emotionally climactic as it should have been. Tyrion is freed from jail by his brother, Jaime, and when he goes to see his father, he finds his ex-lover, Shae, splayed out on Tywin’s bed. Tyrion has been broken, abused, and beaten down by his father, but this was the last straw for Tyrion. He murders Shae with his bare hands in a fit of passion and suddenly becomes the vile creature his father and sister always claimed. He then finds his father on the chamber pot, and kills him with a cross bow. These acts are a turning point for Tyrion, who has spent his entire life fighting against assumptions about him and then suddenly, fulfills them in two heinous acts of murder.  I’m still rooting for Tyrion, but he’s got to leave King’s Landing to retain his head–so he boards a ship, along with Lord Vaerys, and escapes across the Narrow Sea.

Until 2015…

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  1. Zalena

    I cant believe danny is locking up her dragons. Its really going to stunt their growth, just like a fish in a small pond. Check out this music video of Khaleesi

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