5 Perfect Destiel Easter Eggs on the Web

So, last week, the Collectress posted on Tumblr this hilarious entry into the online baby name wiki for “Castiel”. The post continues to get hits like whoa, because fans love to see messages hidden in plain sight, just for us to catch. It seems that the Supernatural fandom has taken to sharing our love of the show, in small ways, with the rest of the world. I became intrigued by this fandom about a year ago, when I finally caved and began watching the show. 9 seasons, one convention and a jarpad photo op later, I am still amazed at the lengths the SPN Family go to spread the word about the little show that could.

Yesterday, I sent out the call on Twitter to my most diligent Supernatural fan followers, simply asking for examples of “easter eggs”, or intentional inside joke/message hidden on the web, that implicitly refer to Supernatural. Of course, we picked the top 5 Destiel references, because they are just so fun and BECAUSE REASONS. While Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary have had SPN fans hijack many a definition, it doesn’t stop there. These are some of my favorite references to the show, hidden in plain sight, for any non-hunter to come across. If you know of more, please link me in the comments and I will add them to the list.

1) The “Castiel” entry on Namipedia

Looking for a baby name? Look no further than “Castiel”, the Angel of Thursday who “has a profound bond with a man by the name of Dean Winchester” whose name means “face of sexual desire” in ancient Enochian. Notice the nicknames–baby in a trench coat? So. Much. Yes.

 2) Urban Dictionary entry for “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”

This poetic redefining of a love even greater than Destiel reminds Urban Dictionary users that the love between Dean and Cas is not only real, it is steeped in canon with a side of DUH.

3) Yahoo News ships Destiel

Valentine’s Day, 2014, good ole’ Abby Ohlheiser penned a compelling article on same-sex marriage rights and happened to use a very familiar image (to SPN fans) of a man in a tan trench coat holding hands with a man in a dark blue suit. Is this Destiel cosplay? A coincidence? Do you ship it, Abby? We will never know, but we will reblog it over on Tumblr every time it comes on our dash.

tumblr_n23ttyOWEz1qa37iao1_5004) Pie and Tie Jigsaw

Teach your kids Destiel while they are young, that’s what we do! What goes together petter than pie and a haphazard blue neck tie? NOT MUCH. Any Supernatural fan worth their salt and burn will recognize these iconic images as reflections of our two favorite, profoundly bonded buddies, Dean and Castiel.

5) The Short-term definition of “Humanity” (posted then quickly taken down after the S9 finale)

We all remember Metatron telling Castiel that he rebelled against heaven for “humanity” in “Metafiction” and then, in the finale, he reiterates to Cas that he is in love with…aherm…HUMANITY. We all know what you meant, Metatron, which is why one wonderful Dean and Cas supporter took to Wikipedia soon after the finale aired to update the definition of the word “Humanity” and it was brilliant, while it lasted.


Thanks to all my Tweeps who contributed to this post! I would name you, but haters gon’ hate, and so I will thank you over on Twitter, instead.

xoxo The Collectiva Diva

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