Geek Chic: Pet cosplay. Yeah, it’s a thing.

This first week after the season finales of Arrow, Supernatural and Hannibal has been rough. To occupy myself, I’ve been thinking about cosplay. Pet cosplay. I want to dress up my pets like all the things! Below are my top 5 finds, but I can’t pick which one I like best. Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

xoxo The Collectiva Diva

1) #SuperSleepy

Hey Orlando Jones, we’ve got the pet cosplay for your fandom. For only $32 on, your dog can be the hippest fangirl on the block. All the bitches be sayin’, “Check out the headless horseman on that pooch!”

Photo cr:

2) Count Hedge-ula

This is an actual picture of Martin Freeman‘s upcoming, 2014 Halloween costume. Amanda Abbington is a lucky woman, because this dude’s adorable.

photo cr: 9gag

3) Real life Pokemon-Umbreon

Over on, costume designer and cosplay artist, Leafeon-ex, has created a pretty realistic (for a Pokemon) Umbreon costume for her doggie. Great pose, by the way. That dog deserves a treat.

Umbreon by Lefeon-ex
Umbreon by Carissa Grall


4) All-Terrain Armored Transport Dog

Portland-based Star Wars nerd, Katie Mello, created this at-at costume for her dog and it is spot on. Kudos, fellow geek! This is pretty awesome.

photo cr:
photo cr:

5) Cleopatra the Cat or River Song from that one Doctor Who episode

So, I’m a huge River Song fan, plus I love cats, so this is a no brainer. River Song dressed up like Cleo to help her precious Doctor break into the Pandorica and my cat WILL dress up like River Song to appease me. It will be grand.