Supernatural Season 9 Finale: “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

Episode 09×23 or “Ouch, My Feels”


Well, SPN Family, we made it, and nothing but our feels have been slaughtered. Who am I kidding? Someone always dies in a Supernatural finale.

Now at the end of “Stairway to Heaven,” we were left with Dean stabbing Gadreel with the First Blade and Sam and Cas rushing to intervene. “Do You Believe in Miracles?” picks up right where the previous episode left off. It becomes painfully obvious to Sam and Castiel that Dean is more than just a little bit affected by the Mark of Cain, and so in a painful reference to season 5, they lock Dean up.

Cas and Sam (Team BroTP) find Gadreel, barely alive, and Cas uses some of his stolen Grace to heal him. Dean demon dials his pal Crowley to break him out of bunker jail, and finally begins to question what the Mark is doing to him. (Too little, too late, Dean-o.) Meanwhile Metatron has taken himself on a Messiah mission, gathering obsessive followers among the homeless population. We learn from Cas and Gadreel that the key to destroying Metatron is in the angel tablet, which is currently hidden in Metatron’s hipster wannabe-professor office (like we wouldn’t think to look in the typewriter, oh Scribe of God).

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

So Team Rebel Angels breaks into Heaven to get the angel tablet, and the Winchesters go after Metatron, conveniently abandoning, or “winchestering,” Crowley along the way. Our boys FINALLY talk out a little bit of their issues, and oh look, there are my feels getting kicked. Now, we’ve known since Dean received the mark that he was headed down a road of self-loathing and bad choices, but when he knocks Sam out and heads off to face Metatron alone, we know he’s made a really fucking awful choice. “It’s not your fight,” he tells the unconscious Sam. Well then whose fight is it, Dean? It sure seems like it’s been the two of you against the world since season one! 

Up in the Great Beyond, Team Rebel Angels have wookie-ed their way into Metatron’s office…only to get thrown into angel prison. Gadreel had spent millenia in jail, since the whole Forbidden Fruit debacle with Adam and Eve,  and he doesn’t seem too inclined to stay there. No one should be shocked when Gadreel elects to supernova rather than be a prisoner again, sacrificing himself for Castiel’s freedom (I cried because Tahmoh). And oh, hey look my feels are getting kicked again.

Back down on the mortal plane, Dean faces off with Metatron, and as far as we can tell, Dean thinks killing Metatron will be the end of it, his final problem. Oh Dean, baby, you’re problem ain’t Metatron; it’s you. Even with the First Blade’s super charge, Dean Winchester is not strong enough to beat the angelic would-be god. At this point in the season finale, the SPN Family knows what will happen: someone will sacrifice themselves for a Winchester and the boys will carry on the family business in the next season.

But wait.

miracles 1

No one jumps in at the last minute to save Dean, and our favorite Moose is forced to, once again, watch his brother die in his arms. There is no part of this that will ever be okay, no matter how many times the writers make it happen. Feels = slashed.

Metatron returns to Heaven to find that Castiel has smashed the angel tablet, making Metatron once again a normally-powered angel. Cas (who really is a Winchester) tricks Metatron into broadcasting his nefarious plans on the Angel Radio, and the last we see of Cas in season 9 is the really fucking heartbroken look on his face when Metatron tells him that Dean is dead. Dear writers, was it really necessary to pour salt on an open wound?

Sam takes Dean’s body back to the bunker, and we see him prepare to summon Crowley.

But wait.

Crowley is already visiting the other Winchester. The one who is dead….ish.

Fuck you, Supernatural writers.

And that’s how you write a fucking cliffhanger.

The Big Picture

Let’s talk for a bit about where our characters are headed next season.



Cas still doesn’t have his own Grace, but since Metatron is alive and imprisoned, we may see our angel returning to his full angelic status soon. The clock is ticking because his stolen Grace is burning out, and Metatron will probably use that to his advantage, since Castiel’s Grace is the one trick that the Scribe still has up his sleeve.

Speaking of Metatron, even though he is locked up in the heavenly big house, I don’t think this means he’s out of the game. As we saw in “Metafiction,” the Scribe has a story to tell and I, for one, don’t think it’s finished. “This is a marvelous story full of love and heartbreak…and love,” says Metatron.  That second mention of “Love” makes me think the story isn’t over yet, and we’ve seen that Metatron inspires obsession but not love (his homeless followers bludgeoning a fellow angel gave us ample proof of that). Metatron is not the selfless benevolent god that he would have us believe, and his need for recognition can in no way be construed as “love.” My hunch is that season 10 will show us more of how Metatron’s not-so-fictional metafiction is going to play out. “You never learned how to tell a good story,” Metatron tells Castiel.

Alright, Metatron, tell us a good one.


The Bunker

Sam thinks that his brother is dead. Sam doesn’t know that Cas is alive or that Metatron is imprisoned. Sam is essentially at the end of season 3 again, but this time without Ruby to feed him demon blood. If you thought that Dean’s death was the saddest thing to happen in this episode, you’re wrong. One of the Winchesters should never have to prepare for life without the other because that is what truly makes our feels go through the wood chipper.

Now let’s take a moment and slow clap for the writers who have been laying the groundwork for Demon!Dean for seasons. In season 3 we have this:

miracles 6

In season 8 we learned that there was a way to transform a demon back into the human via purified blood (and now we have emo!Crowley)


In season 10, we’re going to have Sam saving Dean again, and I seriously love the juxtaposition with the earlier seasons. Sam is now the “Righteous Man” and Dean is the one who needs saving from his demonic blood. I predict that Dean at the beginning of season 10 is going to be a lot like season 6’s Soulless!Sam.

Prepare your feels now.


Our favorite demonic bromance just got a little more evil. While I am kind of looking forward to Crowley and Dean snarking at each other with blacked out eyes, I really like my Dean human and fighting evil, not being evil.

I have a few thoughts about what’s in store for the older Winchester. In “First Born,” after Cain gives Dean the Mark, he asks Dean to kill him the next time they meet. Because, hey, Cain is able to die now and not resurrect as a demon (oh look at the foreshadowing). Crowley calls Dean’s demonization a “miracle” but I think Dean is going to take Cain’s viewpoint and see it as a curse.

When it comes to Demon!Dean Winchester, I have nothing but questions. Is Dean now a Knight of Hell? Has Dean gone to the dark side with any of his humanity intact? Will the Winchester Gospels record this part of Winchester history?

What will Sam do?

What will Cas say?

Most importantly…can this now happen?

The Cage is in hell…Dean is now able to go to hell…no one knows what Dean’s agenda will be. C’mon writers, it’s 2014. We were always supposed to end up here.

Dean has now become the thing he once most feared, and now that he’s lost his humanity…well…I think I need a hug.

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

Too soon?

I’ve only cried about the Winchesters four times this week. 144 days and counting until season 10. Prep your feels now, my friends.

-The Collectress

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