Supernatural and Arrow at the CW Upfronts 2014

Yesterday, Thursday, May 15, CW network fans might have noticed an influx of images of our favorite CW network television stars on Twitter. Tumblr soon exploded with images of J2 in dapper suits and then Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy and the cast of  Arrow began posting pics. Next, the gem above happened.

Snapped by Jensen Ackles on Katie Cassidy’s phone (his arms are soooo long)posted to Katie’s Instagram account and then immediately retweeted by Misha Collins, I just about died when I saw this and so did the internet.

Immediately Supernatural, Arrow and Vampire Diary fans decided this pic will be retweeted more times than Ellen’s Oscar selfie, and I, for one, have already made up an altar to the image.

Besides the epic image above, The CW Upfronts gave us the confirmed new series on the network next year. We, of course, get a 10th season of Supernatural (huzzah!) a 3rd season of Arrow with John Barrowman as a series regular plus season 1 of The Flash is already prepped for release. Last week, news leaked that Supernatural: Bloodlines had been pulled from the fall lineup (thank Chuck) after the show was not well received by fans on social media, which makes me sad for Andrew Dabb but pleased for sake of taste. CW also announced that season 9 was the most watched of Supernatural  in 3 years. With a montage of J2 in all 9 seasons and the CW folk hanging out together, taking selfies, it was a love fest that looked like a real blast. I’m expecting an invite next year, guys.

Enjoy pics of Jared, Jensen and Misha looking ridiculous, as always, plus a few of the Arrow and Flash cast, because reasons.

Also, I give you Stephen Amell in a bow tie, because bow ties are cool.


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4 thoughts

  1. I love John Barrowman so much!!! Sadly, I have not had the time to get much further than the first few episodes of Season 2 of Arrow right now and am in the second to last episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth, I believe. Sometimes he is just too much for me.

    1. He plays a Villian on Arrow and it is so OOC for Barrowman, I love it. He’s brilliant on the show and one of the reasons I initially got into it. I just need more people to watch so this show doesn’t get cancelled after 3 amazing seasons.

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