Supernatural Feels, the 9th Edition: The Collective Bloggers Share Predictions For This Year’s Finale

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

Next Tuesday brings to a close the ninth season of Supernatural. I’ve been telling the Collectiva Diva to hoard the Kleenex and stock up on the booze, because this year is going to be rough on the feels. In yesterday’s post I discussed some of the character development from this season, but today the Collectiva Diva and I sat down and really thought about what next week might bring for the Winchesters. Here are our ideas:

Why do you think Sam has been unusually silent in the past few episodes? What do you think this means for the season 9 finale?

Collectiva Diva: I think Sammy has actually given audiences some important peeks into his psyche with very little dialogue and some amazing bitchfaces. First, he tells us that he was cognizant of Gadreel’s presence. While we at first thought that he had no idea what was going on with the rogue angel, we now find out that felt some sort of presence. We also know, from short conversations he’s had with Cas and with Dean, that Sam is worried about the effect the MoC is having on his brother. He hasn’t explicitly said that he forgives Dean for allowing Gadreel inside, so I am waiting for the big blow out between brothers so that they can move past this drama and get to the sitting on the hood of the Impala and talking about their feelings.  20140515-125502.jpg The Collectress: There is something going on with Sam. The writers have been too deliberate in keeping his POV quiet, which means there is something Sam isn’t telling us. Aside from “First Born,” the Cain & Abel biblical parallels have not been explicit. If Dean is Cain, then who does that make Sam? Better go reread Genesis 4: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

In seasons 4 & 5 & 6 we had Dark!Sam or Soulless!Sam, and it hurt to see one of our boys go to the Dark Side. Now that we have the other brother going dark, what do you think about the juxtaposition? Will Sam’s history with demon blood affect the finale?

Collectiva Diva: Sam definitely has more insight into the darker side of the lifestyle he and his brother lead. Sam has reaped so many of the negative consequences of hunting over the years with Dean often treating him as a “freak” or “monster” because of Sam’s wrong decisions. Just like Sam with the demon blood, Dean feels like he needs the MoC to accomplish his goal of killing the Big Bad—but when will it end? Sam knows that relying on the MoC (just like the demon’s blood) comes with consequences that are essentially destructive but doesn’t seem to know how to articulate it in a way that will get Dean to change his ways. Sam only really expresses his displeasure with Dean through silence. He consistently walks away from confrontations with his brother and makes bitch faces instead of actual verbal points. I think Sam will have to use his words and not take Dean’s bullying or silence for an answer.

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

The Collectress: I think that Sam recognizes that Dean is headed down a similar path to where he was a few seasons ago. Sam understands–in a way that Dean has yet to–that there will be terrible, horrible consequences to using that kind of power. Now, Sam’s psychic abilities have been on the backburner since season 5, but wouldn’t it be interesting if a moment of sheer desperation to stop Dean brings them out again? It is 2014, after all.

Castiel’s stolen grace is burning out. What do you think this will mean for Cas?

image Collectiva Diva: I want Human!Cas and Dean to get it on in the back of the Impala. End of story. The Collectress: I’m kind of hoping we see Human!Cas again, and for him to become a hunter-apprentice to the Winchesters. More likely, however, Cas will slap Metatron and get back his own Grace.

Cas gave up Heaven, again, last week for Dean. Some might say say such self-sacrifice would be a bad omen for the future of our favorite angel. How do you think Castiel’s choice will affect Metatron’s metafiction and, more importantly, will we see Cas slap Metatron?

Collectiva Diva: I’m really REALLY hoping that Cas will be able to come and go from Heaven after his boyfriend ganks Metatron. I don’t want Cas to give up his free will because that is what makes him so unique. Can we just get Chuck back to fuck shit up? The Collectress: Metatron accounts for every possibility but the possibility of free will, and there lies the difference between him and God. He didn’t predict that Castiel would become more popular than him with the fallen angels, and I don’t think he predicted that Cas would give it all up so easily. I think he was hoping for another Godstiel rampage, but that isn’t Cas. Not anymore. Metatron hasn’t factored in the unpredictability of human choices into his story, so he probably hasn’t seen that Cas will indeed slap him. Twice. Once for himself, and once for the Winchesters.

Dean has gone to the Dark Side. How much darker do you think he can go?

Collectiva Diva: Hopefully not Darth Vader dark. Demon!Dean is not something I want to deal with on this show… Still, if he gets bad enough to hurt Sammeh or Cas he just might let go of the blade and what it represents. Gaaaah the feels! The Collectress: The unfortunate truth of Dean’s addiction is that soon there will be nothing he won’t do to get that feeling, that rush that the First Blade gives him. See: fratricide in Genesis 4.

Property of the CW
Property of the CW

The Mark of Cain comes with a price to pay. What do you think that is?

Collectiva Diva: Naked, crazy-eyed Dean?? Hold on…head canon…mmhmmm… The Collectress: I think we all know that price will be one puppy-eyed Moose.

What do you want to see happen in the finale?

Collectiva Diva: An equal 30 minutes of Dean and Cas making out in the back of the Impala and 30 minutes of Sam’s hair as he stands in front of a fan. BAM! Best Supernatural ever. image The Collectress: Ideally, I’d like to see Charlie come back from Oz, Bobby & Kevin come back from the dead, and Team Free Will go on a trip to Disneyland (Cas in mouse ears. Picture it). However, we are more likely to see Dean have an emotional breakdown very similar to the one Sam had in last year’s finale, and I’m very ready for the brothers to finally TALK to each other. Oh, and I want Cas to slap Metatron. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m completely emotionally ill-prepared for this. I’m gonna make like Dean Winchester and drown myself in a bottle of bourbon until season 10. Hoard the Kleenex, SPN Family.

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