Meet the Women of the CW’s ‘Arrow’

I gush often about Arrow, Olicity and Stephen Amell on this blog but after recent episodes, I feel compelled to share a few, short character sketches to help you get to know the amazing female cast members of one of the best shows on television.

Basically, I need to vent about the awesomeness of Arrow.

Next Wednesday, May 14, is the season 2 finale of the show and I definitely plan on writing a mostly-angsty post about the comic book adapation. Until then, I want to introduce you to the strong and capable women of the Arrow universe. Without them, the show would not have as much of the depth or emotion as it gained in this season. (Spoilers Ahead!)

Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson)

Arrow_Susanna Thompson_daintychic
image property of the CW

Matriarch of the Queen family, Moira is a shrewd business woman and a fierce mama bear to her babies. If Moira has a talent for anything, it is keeping secrets. Her involvement with Malcolm Merlyn, the Undertaking and her own husband’s kidnapping as well as her fearless attack on the Hood to protect those secrets proves she is not to be messed with. Moira quickly becomes a complex character with her own visions and goals in terms of what she wants for her family and Starling City. In season 2, we see Moira working to make the city she helped destroy a better place by running for mayor. Still, her positive works are not enough to keep her children from holding some serious grudges. First Oliver disowns his mother and then Thea wants nothing to do with her when she finds out that Malcolm Merlyn is her real father. Even after all she’s done to renew her reputation in the community, Moira is alienated as a liar by her children because of past mistakes and isn’t redeemed until she is on her knees in front of the murderous Slade Wilson. After revealing she’s known Oliver’s secret identity since the Undertaking, (Spoiler! He’s the Hood/Arrow) the relationship with her son is repaired but it isn’t until the ultimate self-sacrifice–Moira’s life for that of her children–that Thea understands the depth of her mother’s love. Even Slade stands in awe at the fact that Moira volunteers, without fear, to die. It epitomizes all that Moira stands for and it is the act that pushes Thea away from Starling City.

Thea Queen (Willa Holland)

image property of the CW
image property of the CW

Thea Queen has been lied to, kidnapped and adopted without her knowledge. She is a former a drug addict and was in trouble with the law numerous times before she took over Verdant from her brother and found a purpose for her time. She meets Roy and when they become romantic, audiences become privy to a Thea Queen getting the love and attention she deserves. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long. After Oliver comes home from the island, Thea only wants to get to know her brother again, but is consistently pushed away by Oliver, her mother and eventually Roy, all to keep her safe from their secrets.  The poor girl has only known half-truths her entire life and it is beginning to wear on her psyche. When she finds out from Slade that Malcolm Merlin is her real father, Thea goes to war with her brother and mother and it seems she cannot forgive them for keeping such a huge secret from her. In such a short period of time, Thea loses Verdant, Roy, and has a fractured relationship with her brother. For Thea, all that is left in Starling City is death and lies, but she cannot escape the drama that easily. Although Thea knows of Slade and his vendetta against her brother, she is focused on healing herself and escaping. Unfortunately, it is during Slade’s siege of the city when she meets again with her real father; Malcolm rescues her from Slade’s thugs and begs her to listen to his story. Thea uncerimoniously shoots him, even as he expresses desire to have a relationship with his daughter. What dark path could these two walk together, I wonder? (sidenote: I love you John Barrowman! Come back to Arrow!).

Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy)

image property of the CW
image property of the CW

Laurel Lance starts out simple. She seemed to be solely on the show to irritate me and to play Oliver’s pre-island sweetheart and initial post-island love interest, but she quickly develops unexpected depth that leads me to be continually surprised by what the character is capable of. A smart, savvy lawyer, Laurel spends season 1 helping the Hood catch bad guys, until her new boyfriend and Olly’s best friend, Tommy Merlyn, dies in the Undertaking. Laurel blames the Hood for not stopping the destruction and so she turns against him and does so with as much shrewdness as when she assisted him. After the death of her lover, Laurel goes after the Hood and discovers the dark side of Sebastian Blood before anyone else–all while developing an addiction to  prescription drugs and alcohol. While she seemed an annoying lost cause for an episode or two, her father, Quentin Lance, and besty, Oliver Queen (ya, it’s awkward) convinces her to go to AA meetings and she kicks the habits. When Laurel puts her mind to something, she can accomplish it, and soon she is working as a lawyer again and helping the Hood. When Slade finds out how much Laurel means to Oliver, he goes to her and, instead of hurting her, he tells her Oliver’s secret. She quickly figures out not only that her sister must the the pretty blonde running around the city with the Arrow. Yeah. He’s the Arrow now. To help the city, she must keep the secrets of her friend as well as her sister.

Sara Lance (Caity Lotz)

image property of the CW
image property of the CW

Five years ago, Sara Lance also went down with the Queen yacht. Presumed dead, she ended up on the Amazo freighter with Dr. Ivo, then on the island with Oliver and, eventually, with the League of Assassins. Season 1 reveals to audiences that Sara snuck off with Oliver, who just happened to be her older sister, Laurel’s, boyfriend. On the freighter, Sara is manipulated by Ivo, who asks for her assistance in medically testing prisoners. On the island, she fights to free the prisoners on the freighter and redeem herself and inadvertently becomes enemy of Slade Wilson right alongside Oliver Queen. While her time between the island and when she returned to Starling City is yet to be explored on the show, we know Sara became a member of the League of Assassins at some point and, therefore, is pretty badass. Sara, aka the Black Canary, fights Slade, Blood and the underbelly of Starling City right alongside the Arrow and can hold her own against even other members of the League. Although Sara struggles with her past, she has worked hard to atone for her sins and hopefully will soon begin to believe that she, too, is a hero.

Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards)

image property of the CW
image property of the CW

Felicity, the adorable tech nerd on team Arrow, is brave, smart and fiercely loyal to her boss, Oliver Queen. At first just the clueless IT girl doing Oliver’s technical jobs, Felicity quickly moved up to secret vigilante status when Oliver asked for her help whilst bleeding all over the back seat of her car. After a stint as Oliver’s “secretary” (yeah, that got many a *wink wink*) she is now a full time part of team Arrow and Oliver’s partner. His words. Felicity isn’t too scared to go on a mission if it helps catch the bad guy or to jump out of a plane to fetch Oliver Queen. This computer geek can get through any security system–government, financial, personal, you name it, she’s hacked it. She also isn’t afraid to stand up to Moira Queen when she tells Oliver about Thea’s real father, heedless to Moira’s threats. While Oliver is off galavanting with Sara Lance, Felicity meets Barry Gordon (THE FLASH!!) whom she tells Oliver’s secret to when she thinks it might help save a poisoned Oliver. Although they aren’t a couple (yet), Felicity continues to be the voice of reason for Oliver and has talked him out of doing something seriously stupid more than once. She is an invaluable member of team Arrow but independent enough to let Oliver know when she’s had enough of his bullshit. In next week’s season finale, we know that Slade plans to take the person Oliver loves the most away from him PLUS I saw spoiler pics of Felicity and Slade.

Does this mean Oliver will finally admit he loves Felicity??

Felicity is one half of the S.S. Olicity and I would really love one of my ships to become canon.

Oh happy day!


xoxo The Collectiva Diva

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