The Collectiva Diva’s Top 3 Sam Winchester Fan Videos


Today is Sam Winchester’s birthday, and to celebrate, The Collective bloggers, along with Profound Bond Inc and The Geekiary will be holding a Sam episode rewatch and live tweeting between 1-7pm PDT. Until then, I’ve got some of my favorite Sam-centric fanvids to share. You will laugh, you will cry and you will want him to take his shirt off. Kudos to Jared Padalecki for bringing so much depth and heart to this amazing character.

Sam, you’ve got the key to my heart.


Top 3 Favorite Sam Winchester Fan Vids

3) Mad World|Sam Winchester

I love this song, I love this season, I love the exchanges between Lucifer and Sam. We might have forgotten that, before the trials and Gadreel, Sam spent time in the cage with a really pissed off Luci and Michael. Then, Cas broke the wall in his mind, Sam went to the crazy house, yet still had enough sense to help salt and burn a ghost. Sam Winchester is the shit, yo.


2) Sam Winchester|Broken Crown

Ok. This is a beautiful viddy that almost had me in tears. Sammeh!! He is broken and he has made mistakes, but he is also a hero that continues to move forward, even when he wants to give up. Sam–who never met his mother, keeps disappointing his brother (and before that, his father) and tasted demon blood before he could walk or talk–will continue to save everyone, including Dean, before himself. And I love him for it.


1) Sam Winchester – Kiss You All Over

Because, reasons.

Seriously, though–Sam Winchester is a fox. Or is it a moose? There’s no denying facts, the boy is FINE and he should really take his shirt off more.

I love you Moose. Happy Birthday, darling.



See you all at 1pm @nerdwrldprblms


xoxo The Collectiva Diva

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