Throwback Thursday: David Tennant & Catherine Tate on Comic Relief

This one is a clip from Comic Relief back in 2007. Who doesn’t want David Tennant as their English teacher? Well, apparently Catherine Tate. She couldn’t be bovvered.

Gosh, I miss Ten and Donna, but I’ll leave that for a different Thursday, yeah?

These jokes still have me giggling. Doctor who?

xx–The Collectress



  1. Bec Graham

    I LOVE that short. They played it during a lecture a few years ago and I was laughing myself stupid. It was fantastic.

    “Do you fancy Billie Piper, sir?” …. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

      1. Bec Graham

        You’ve seen DT play the Ghost of Christmas Present on the Catherine Tate show, yeah?

        Also, have you guys seen Only Lovers Left Alive with the one and only Tom Hiddleston?

      2. acollectivemind

        Yes to the DT (oh my gosh did I laugh!)

        Haven’t seen that Hiddleston film yet. I’m not sure it’s available in the States yet? I really hope it gets here soon! Vampy Hiddleston = so much yes.

      3. Bec Graham

        I think I was crying with laughter!!!! DT, seriously…

        And I so hope it does! Seriously, Tom Hiddleston in that movie is just…perfection. And have you seen the pics? Shirtless Hiddleston, my GOD.

      4. Bec Graham

        You should see the background of my phone at the moment. I think I’d leave it locked all the time just to stare at it.
        Also, Hiddleston reads “The Red Necklace” for its audiobook. I have listened to the first chapter so many times because I keep falling asleep and I lose my place. His voice, man….

        And we ARE called Hiddlestoners. I thought so!

      5. Bec Graham

        OMG….How did I not know of this existence of this tumblr before?!?!?!
        Didn’t he also play F. Scott Fitzgerald in that movie where Owen Wilson travelled back in time?

      6. Bec Graham

        Mine was War Horse. I liked him as Loki, but as I watched him in that other movie, being kind when others were horrible, I fell in love with him.
        Plus, his hot-of-film antics. Seriously, showing up in costume to Comic-Con? And going on that kids show in costume just to make those kids smile? Seriously…genuine good guy.

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