Geek Chic: Femme!Captain America Cosplay

This is WonderCon 2014 Week, so my dearcollectress and I have been finishing up our Marvel cosplay outfits for our visit to the Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday, April 19th. If you happen to be in town, tweet us and come say hello! If you’re not into that kinda social networking stuff, that’s cool–you can admire us from afar. We will be the group of a dozen or so girls and dudes representing the Marvel Universe in a variety of pretty awesome cosplay outfits. Yes, friends, pictures to come soon.


As you probably know if you read my posts, I began as a reluctant cosplayer. Still, after a year of the Collectress guiding me gently into the geekiest of trades–mention of cosplay gets me a quizzical eyebrow raise, at best–I’ve come to embrace the nerdiness and have decided to just enjoy myself and go with it. The Collective Blog didn’t get tickets to ComicCon AGAIN, but we didn’t much mind this year (I’m lying, it hurt like hell), because we already purchased our tickets to WonderCon. Immediately, my blogger and I, along with ten of our closest friends, began planning a group cosplay because, well, that’s the Collectress’ dream and she’s my blogmate and I do what she wants. Since I know Captain America is her favorite, I decided to take on a femme version of the dreamboat superhero, to impress the missus, ya know? Of course, I am no Chris Evans, and I’ve always sported a bit o’ rockabilly style anyway, so I decided to go with a 50s style femme look, very girly but still comfortable and fun. Let’s go over the essential pieces, shall we?

The Uniform

Cpt. America party Dress, $50 (additional $10 special order)

I scoured the interwebs for a suitable substitute to Captain Rogers’ skin tight outfit from the films that would flatter my figure as well as give off that 50s pinup style I want to rep. Etsy is always my first stop, and I lucked out when I came across this lovely store called The Geek Garden. This girl has everything from Harley Quinn skirts to Pokemon bloomers and in all sizes. I emailed her on a Monday morning about a special order (I special requested a halter top to hold in the girls) and she got back to me within the hour. I bought the dress after her assurances that it would arrive within a 2 week window (with an extra week for alterations, just in case I didn’t like the dress/fit) and the handmade piece arrived in about 12 days. Color me impressed. The fit is perfect, the material a little on the cheap side, but I only paid $60, so I’m not complaining. It’s cute and is perfect for a Southern California convention, as long as I have a sweater. Which, of course, I do. I purchased a navy blue lace-back shrug on clearance at Torrid.

Torrid, Lace Back Shrug, $20 (clearance)
Torrid, Lace Back Shrug, $20 (clearance)

They didn’t have more, sorry ladies. I was lucky to find this seasonal item, well, my sister found it, and bought the last one in store.

Weapons of Choice

I still haven’t decided if I want to go out and purchase a toy shield or not, but in the meantime, this will have to do. Since I ordered these items a bit late, I wanted to make sure they would arrive on time, and emailed the shop owner over at Vintage Virtue, another Etsy gem. This lovely woman emailed me back the same day and, when I told her I needed them within a week but didn’t really want to pay extra, she offered to pay the express shipping costs. Thanks, Amy! These Captain America shield earrings and bow will go nicely with my 50s style hair and outfit, but what I really wanted was a round, petite shield-shaped purse, which I found NO WHERE ON THE INTERNET. Seriously, world wide web? I’m disappointed. While many a friend suggested I make one myself, I’m not that creative or handy, and so, I will use a bright red clutch (not pictured) to go with my outfit that I’ve had for years.

Earrings ($9) and vintage hair bow ($7)
Earrings ($9) and vintage hair bow ($7)

The “shoe problem”, which I have been facing for weeks, finally came to a head. I hunted online and in stores for a pair of red or blue, comfortable, wearable, adorable sandals to no avail…even though I live in Cali and it’s Spring! I do not wear high heels, but I can deal with wedges on a good day, and even though the Collectress suggested I buy flats, I decided to brave these bad boys. I found them at Torrid, online and in store, and promptly gobbled them up.

Braided T-Strap Espadrilles $45
Braided T-Strap Espadrilles $45

Hair and Makeup

I have rocked the red lips and bouffont ‘do since forever, and that just happens to be the style I’m going for with this cosplay. I plan to use stuff I already have, which makes my life so much easier. I’ve got planned a classic pinup look, using Revlon’s Photo Finish liquid coverup and powder, MAC lipliner in Redd, MAC powder blush in Frankly Scarlett, Maybelline Stiletto liquid eyeliner in Blackest Black, Smashbox Baked Fusion Bronzer, plus Dermablend concealer. I also found this beautiful black woman name Angelique Noire on the Pinup Noire YouTube channel with a perfect video on how to do double victory rolls on natural hair. Day. Made.

Total Cost

Not including the Spanx I bought (for a good cause), the makeup (which I already have) or the hair supplies (again, using them all the time), the total cost of this outfit came out to $145. Not too shabby, and I didn’t have to sew anything or struggle through anything more than shipping costs. Sweet deal.

See you Marvelous people at WonderCon Saturday, April 19th!


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