Geek Chic: The Collective Does Cosplay, Team Free Will Edition

This is my favorite image of the shoot. Methinks it's perfect, no?
This is my favorite image of the shoot. Methinks it’s perfect, no?

Last fall, I begged and pleaded with the Collectiva Diva until she agreed to attend BurCon 2013 with me in full cosplay get-up. Honestly, it didn’t take much prodding to convince her that we should rep our OTP. We received so many compliments at the convention–Ty Olsson even greeted me as, “Hey, Angel,”–that I didn’t want the hard work we had put into our outfits to end there.

I’m not the kind of girl who asks for gifts. Give me a hug and I’m as happy as can be. HOWEVER after BurCon I informed the Diva, our dear friend Jacksqueen, and a photographer friend that I was claiming my birthday/Christmas gifts early and making them frolic around for my amusement. I am constantly in awe of how amazing my friends are, and I know that I am incredibly blessed to have people who love me so much. Not many girls would dress up in plaid and prance around a lake whilst wearing moose antlers, let me tell you. 

The Diva has previously put up a post about putting together her femme!Dean cosplay, but let me give you a little insight about mine and Jacksqueen’s. As with all my costumes, I have a focal piece that I build off of. My Castiel trenchcoat is that piece for me. Would you believe me if I told you I’d had this coat for years in my closet, never wearing it but reluctant to throw it out? It’s true. The coat was one my mother wore in high school in the seventies, and it’s reemerged into the world as the focal point of my Casplay. For the rest of my outfit, well, I went with a Captain Sexy Tax Account look, with a smidgen of haute couture thrown in. (You can’t see them, but I’m wearing a wicked pair of winged eyelashes!)

For Jacksqueen (who so adorably played our Moose), I drew inspiration from Sam’s look in the season 8 episode, “Southern Comfort.”

property of the CW
property of the CW

Can you guess what the focal point of the femme!Sam cosplay was? That’s right. The hair. I’m a little bit in love with JarPad’s luscious mane, and well, Jacksqueen has hair gorgeous enough to play Moose. She’s beautiful and smart–just like Sam Winchester–but she can still gank a demon without breaking a nail. Jacksqueen is a true joy to cosplay with–and her moose prance is something I will tell my grandchildren about, someday.

Below are some of my personal favorites from the shoot (click on any image to scroll through the slideshow). You may recognize some of the poses/staging (it was absolutely intentional!). We hope you enjoy them and are inspired to get out there and do some cosplay of your own. Group photo at BurCon 2014?

xx-The Collectress

P.S. This is the best present ever. Much love and gratitude to the Collectiva Diva, Jacksqueen, and our photographer for making it come to life and for being patient with me as I put together outfits! My friends, thank you for one of the best days I’ve ever had, and for helping me walk through the forest in those beautiful but impractical shoes.

P.S.S. Our next group cosplay is the Avengers. You may or may not see us wandering around WonderCon in a few weeks.

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Photography Credit: Jeremy Caesar. See more of his work on Flickr

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