Geek Chic: Plus-Size Cosplay for the Ladies

Cosplay 101 for the Big Girls

For plus-size cosplayers, there are a lot of options out there, you just have to know where to look. For me, cosplay is all about creativity and having fun, which is why we do it in the first place, right? To be authentic to a character means getting creative and exploring options well in advance, not being afraid to ask friends for help and having plenty of time to shop and style. As a big girl of color, I know that I am not exactly the spitting image of Dean Winchester (a white male, aherm, with fanfic green eyes), which is why I had fun with my BurCon costume and didn’t try to look LIKE Dean but embody the Dean Winchester values of functionality and pure sex in boots. So, an army green vest with a black tee, tight blue jeans, the Samulet and 14-holes?

Pretty much.


My Advice

For the upcoming WonderCon in Anaheim, I’m cosplaying Captain America, but as ME. Yes, I could go as Michonne, Storm, Princess Tiana or even Nick Fury, but why limit myself? I’m just a big geek that wants to dress up with a bunch of other geeks and get geeky. I fricken love Captain America and I cannot wait to represent, regardless if I don’t fit (pun intended) the mold of your regular cosplaying girl.

The gorgeous Miss Kaddie O
The gorgeous Miss Kaddie O”Keefe at SDCC 2013

Now, I am quite picky about my outfits and refuse to A) look like I’m trying too hard and B) look like I don’t know a damn thing about the character.

Which is why I’m the Diva.

If you’re going to stare at me at a fan convention, it’s going to be because I make an awesome Captain America and because I’ve got creativity and attitude. If it’s for any other reason, well, that’s you’re problem.

Fat Grrls Unite

So, what are plus-size nerd chicks doing for cosplay and where are they getting their gear? The fat grrls I know do pretty much the same thing as skinny chicks–we troll Tumblr for examples of what other people are doing.There are body friendly sites that share cosplay ideas, create beautiful and unique pieces for big girls to wear at cons that are wank-free. Also, the folks I’ve worked with who do custom made orders over on Etsy are usually really friendly and professional about size. My belief is–if you like the character, then do it. The fact is, there is a double standard in cosplay. Luckily, there are a few brave girls out there who are willing to face the crowds and cosplay out of love for the medium.

Where to Look

If you’re a big girl looking for a flattering and fun cosplay, here are some sites that I love. Happy hunting!

The Geek Garden

KMKDesigns Steampunk Fairtytale Wedding & Apparel

Trendy Halloween


Body Positive Cosplay Appreciation

The Collectiva Diva

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