Fanfic Wednesday: “We Are All Diamonds”

Title: We Are All Diamonds

Author: Footloose

Pairing: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon

Word Count: 134,304

The Premise

Author’s Summary: 

As the precocious heir of a diamond magnate and a famous designer, Arthur lived his entire life sheltered, protected, nurtured and spoiled. He always knew that he would have to step out from behind the scenes and into the limelight to run the family business some day, but he never expected that it would happen so soon or that he would encounter resistance from a board of directors who believe that his disability makes him unfit to lead.

Merlin has stood on every stage in every city in the world, performing to critical acclaim, but after years of globetrotting, he’s well and truly burnt out. He didn’t quit — he ran away from stardom, dropping to obscurity in the blink of an eye, forgotten, just another face in the crowd. He’s aimless and without purpose until a friend asks him to fill in on a job.

Neither Arthur nor Merlin are looking for salvation. They don’t think there’s any for them, that things are just too rotten, too far gone. But in the end, Arthur’s quiet strength will be a balm to Merlin’s broken soul, and it will be in Merlin’s steadfast faith that Arthur finds courage.

My Thoughts

Two hundred words into this, and I was hooked.

I’m an avid reader of Footloose’s fics, and I’m not quite sure how I’ve gone so long without reccing a single Footloose fic. Well, that’s remedied today. But I digress.

I fell in love with this fic because it was so unlike anything else I’d read in the Merthur fandom. It may sound a little off-the-wall at first. Arthur is deaf? Merlin is an opera singer? Corporate espionage? Modern magic AU? Yes, it sounds like it couldn’t work, because it shouldn’t work.

But it does.

Footloose takes two characters I adore and makes them her own. They’re still essentially Merlin and Arthur, but more than that, they’re Footloose’s Merlin and Arthur now. I’ve dedicated one post each week to bringing you, dear reader, the best fanfiction I can find. Footloose doesn’t disappoint.

Read if you love Merthur, AUs, and adorable love stories.

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress