The March of Minions–Get out there and do good things

Alright, Supernatural family, it’s time to put our fandom to good use. We were recently contacted by the admins at March of Minions to do a little promo for their charity challenge blog. Now, we here at The Collective love the SPN fandom/family, and we’re happy to support in any way we can.

What is a charity challenge, you ask? Well, to my understanding, the MoM admins will offer you a challenge each week–this week we’re doing FreeRice, GoodSearch, and well, getting RandomActs.Org on GoodSearch (if you’re not familiar with RA, it’s Mish-Mish’s charity/do-gooder haven). Complete the challenges, and get rewarded. On the flipside, you can also pledge artwork, fics, or even “bad”fic/art to people who participate in the weekly challenges. So if that’s your interest, you can motivate participants by donating your hard work/blood/sweat/tears.

The beautiful thing about the SPN fandom is that we’re intensely dedicated–and it’s not just dedication to the show. We care about people.  Sure, Misha may have brought us into the Random Acts fold, but I don’t invest time/money in charity work just because the Overlord tells me to (well, it’s not the only reason). We’re a family, right? Let’s do the family business–helping people and watching Supernatural. The best thing about March of Minions is that you can be making a difference and letting your geek flag fly at the same time!

So, get yourself over to Tumblr and do good things. The Overlord demandshighly recommends it.

For this week’s challenges visit:

xx–The Collectress