The Sherlock Hiatus Strikes Back

We all have our way of handling the Sherlock hiatus, and, well, this is mine.

With Apologies to Poe


Once upon a hiatus dreary, while I waited, weak and weary,
Over many a strange and curious archive of fanfiction lore,
While I tumbl’d, nearly sleeping, suddenly there came a cheeping,
As of someone quickly tweeting, tweeting at my iPhone 4.
Tis some follower,” I muttered, “Tweeting at my iPhone 4–
Only this, and nothing more.”


Presently, my soul grew stronger, procrastinating no longer,
“Dude,” I thought, “Or lady, honestly your patience I ask for;

But the fact is I was sleeping, and so loudly tweets came cheeping,
And so quickly you were tweeting, tweeting at my iPhone 4,
That I was certain to hear you,”–here I paused to Google “Thor”–
But read instead “2016: Series Four.”


“MOFFAT!” said I, “thing of evil!–prophet still, if man or devil!–
Whether fandom sent, or whether fandom now thee truly abhor,
Desperate yet we’re undaunted, on this Tumblr land enchanted–
On this blog by Gatiss haunted–tell us truly, we implore–
Are there–are there more episodes in series four? –tell us–tell us, we implore!”

Quoth the Moffat, “Nevermore.”


“MOFFAT!” said I, “thing of evil!–prophet still, if man or devil!
By that Sherlock that deduces us–by that Jawn that we adore–
Tell these souls with sorrow burdened if there be a written petition
To sooner film this spry detective and give us series four?
To sooner film this loyal hedgehog and give us series four?

Quoth the Moffat, “Nevermore.”


And the Moffat, never stalling, still is trolling, still is trolling
On the dashes of my social networks on my iPhone 4;
And his scripts have all the scheming of a demon’s that is dreaming,
And the Sherlock series streaming have us begging him for more;
And our sanity is wasted in waiting for series four. 

Cries the fandom, “Nevermore!”


Hello, Hiatus, my old friend.

xx–The Collectress

Disclaimer: I own none of the manips; they have been credited to their source. 


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