Fanfic Wednesday: Whovian Ficlets

Rec #1: The Professor and the Captain

Author: WylieCoyote

Word Count: 1321

Read it here.

The Premise

The Author’s Summary: River Song is having a night out before she leaves with her team to investigate the Library. She runs into a post-COE, Captain Harkness and remembering a valuable piece of information on the future of earth, decides that she will try to talk with him. 

My Thoughts:

Since it was John Barrowman and Alex Kingston’s birthday recently, I had the urge to see if there were any fics featuring Professor River Song and Captain Jack Harkness. Turns out there aren’t many, but my blogger found me this one, that is short, sorta sweet, and about as fluffy as these two angsty Doctor Who characters can get at this point in their timelines. River Song buys Jack Harkness a drink, and all that’s missing is the slew of innuendos that would accompany them at any other point in their stories.

Rec #2: Morning Coffee

Image property of the BBC
Image property of the BBC

Author: jacksqueen16

Words: 883

Read it here.

The Premise

The Author’s Summary: “The tiredness began with small things.” The Meta-Crisis Doctor realizes he may need a cup of joe in the morning. Pure Ten Too/Rose fluff. Written for The Collectress.

My Thoughts

This one was written for me by my very good friend (and ultimate hug-giver) jacksqueen16. I love this girl to pieces, and she’s obviously a very good listener because months ago, I complained about the pathetic lack of quality DW fics, and well, here we are with one written just for me.

Obvious bias aside, jacksqueen16 knows her fanfiction. This is short and fluffy (so fluffy I want to die and then be regenerated so I can read it again) but like the literary bad-ass she is, jacksqueen16 manages to address some of those pesky unanswered questions that “Journey’s End” left us with, such as, “How does the Meta-crisis Doctor’s human half affect him physically?”

But there’s also sweet Ten Too/Rose Tyler domesticity (in the TARDIS!) and, as the title suggests, coffee.

Need a fluffy fanfic pick-me-up? This one’s for you.

Shipfully yours,

The Collectress

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