The Adventures of Squirrel Dean Winchester and His Brother, Sammeh Padamoose

Squirrel Dean Goes to Savannah

by The Collectiva Diva


Meet Squirrel Dean and his brother, Sammeh Padamoose. They are best friends.


While looking on the web for pecan pie recipes, Squirrel Dean reads that Savannah is the most haunted city in the USA. The next morning, he says to his brother, “Sammeh! I will drive the Impala to Georgia. You must stay home and teach Angel Cas to bake bunker pies of all flavors and sizes.”

Sammeh Padamoose does not want Squirrel Dean to go. “I will hide in your bag, brother of mine,” says he.


“No, no, Sammeh. We must work on a better brother bond with boundaries,” says Squirrel Dean. “I will be home soon.”

When Squirrel Dean arrives in Savannah, he misses his brother and his angel. He usually does not travel without them. Instead of feeling scared, Squirrel Dean puffs up his squirrely chest and goes out to explore the city all by himself.  Savannah is a ghost-y type of town, so he brings hunting supplies.


First on Squirrel Dean’s list of oh-so-haunted spots is the Gryphon tea room where he meets a very suspicious character.  “Are you a ghost?” Squirrel Dean asks the antler-y animal.

“No, no, little squirrel, I am a moose.”

“You are not my moose,” says Squirrel Dean. “He is at home with Angel Cas, baking pecan pie.”


There are no ghost-y types at the tea room, but Squirrel Dean does see a very shiny chandelier. Angel Cas likes chandeliers, and Squirrel Dean can see why.


Next, Squirrel Dean heads over to the Wormsloe plantation and the salty salt marshes.


“There are no ghosts here, either,” says Squirrel Dean. “There is too much salt in the marshes and ghost-y types hate salt. I will sit and wait for the sun to go down, and enjoy a cup of sweet, sweet tea.”


When Squirrel Dean calls his brother, Sammeh Padamoose says, “Oh, brother of mine. You work so very hard and Savannah is full of more than just ghost-y types. Visit the sights and squares, and tell me all about it over the special pie Angel Cas has baked for you.”

“Yes, yes, Sammeh Padamoose. I must work on enjoying myself,” says Squirrel Dean.

“I will visit the Forrest Gump benches…”


“…and local bookstores and be home soon to tell you all about it,” he solemnly swears to Sammeh.


As night falls, Squirrel Dean remembers the last spot on his list of oh-so-haunted spots is the Bonaventure Cemetery right next to the Wilmington River. Squirrel Dean just knows he will meet a ghost-y type here.


“Lay down a salt circle! Get the iron ready! Ghost-y types do not stand a chance when Squirrel Dean Winchester is on the hunt!”


But all Squirrel Dean sees that night is a quiet river and silent cemetery. No ghost-y types at all.

“I want to go home,” thinks Squirrel Dean. “I miss my angel and my brother, and I would really like some pie.”

And so Squirrel Dean stuffs his squirrel-y tail into the Impala, turns up the AC/DC on the radio and drives home.

When he returns, Sammeh and Angel Cas wait patiently in the kitchen. It is always the first place Squirrel Dean goes.

“I missed you brother of mine,” Sammeh says to Squirrel Dean.

“I too missed you, Squirrel Dean,” says Angel Cas. “We are glad you had fun, but we are more glad you are home again.”

“I missed you both, but the bunker smells like pie and I cannot think of anything else,” Squirrel Dean admits over a cold beer.


“Oh Dean,” says Angel Cas. “You are so predictable.”



**all images are property of The Collective Blog except “Castiel needs pie!” by Sabinzie**


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