Villains of Note: Madame Kovarian

This week for our Villains of Note series, we will take a look at one of the most underrated and terrifying bad gals in all of the Whoniverse, Madame Kovarian.



The Eye Patch Lady.

Distinguishing Traits:

Eye drive, cohort of The Silence, psychopathic tendencies, good with gangers, can’t stand the flirting.


Madame Kavorian heads the rogue Kovarian Chapter (formerly of the Papal Mainframe), who go to great lengths to acquire River Song (aka Melody Pond) and train up a child in the ways of a psychopath. Kovarian kidnaps Amy as soon as she shows signs of pregnancy, switching real-Amy with ganger-Amy, and then does it again with baby Melody Pond. She also keeps River in an abandon, creepy orphanage and trains her to murder the Doctor and manipulate his friends. What she didn’t see coming was the fact that River might just fall in love with the Timelord. Kovarian, who is from the Doctor’s future (around the time Eleven is on Trenzalore), knows the end game and all about the crack in the Universe that plagued Eleven from his very first days in that face. She is from a time when the Doctor is protecting the crack in time (and subsequently, Gallifrey) in Christmas town, Eleven’s last days. She believes that, if the Doctor allows Gallifrey to return, the universe will be destroyed. Kovarian’s fundamental beliefs lead her to kidnap a Timelord/human hybrid child and helped change the value set of the Papal Mainframe toward keeping the answer to the first question (Doctor Who??) a mystery.


Favorite Scene:

We only see Madame Kovarian a handful of times throughout seasons 6, but if we look back on her timeline, she has been working, along with the Silence, parallel to the Doctor for a good while. When she is finally captured by River Song and Amy Pond in the aborted timeline, Kovarian is brought before those whom she has wounded the most. She stole little River/Melody from Amy only days after the baby’s birth on Demon’s Run. She also mentally manipulated River, lied to the Doctor, and had a hand in the murder of many innocents, all in the name of religion (Silence will fall when the question is asked and all that). Still, she is cheeky enough to roll her eyes at River and Eleven flirting, beg Amy for mercy and talk mad shit, all while under surveillance, in handcuffs.

Righteous Fury or Fundamentally Wrong?

Kovarian’s biggest mistake was underestimating the Doctor. She didn’t believe that he would be able to deny the Gallifreyans entry to the universe and so she went rogue–along with some of the Silence–and decided in order to preserve the universe, she must murder the Doctor. When one goes against the Doctor and targets not only the Timelord but those that he loves, that person loses (see: every enemy of the Doctor, ever). While, at the end, the Papal Mainframe had the same goal of preventing the final question from being answered, Kovarian went about the task in a very fundamentally wrong way.



The Collectiva Diva aka Your Friendly Neighborhood Wholigan

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